Rock El Penon de Guatape

What kind of rock is so darned thread, and most importantly why? Now we all know and see.

This giant monolith, one of the biggest stones in the world, located in Colombia, just a kilometer away from the town of Guatape (Guatape). Standing on the shore of the lake with a giant ancient times inspired awe in front of people. Scientists say that there was this lump in height more than 200 meters (2/3 and it is hidden under the ground), another 70 million years ago. One can see a monolith Penon de Guatape from all around for tens of kilometers. Approximate weight boulders - 10 million tons.

On top of the rock is quaint winding staircase of 644 steps. After the climb, at the top you will have to wait just a stunning view that you can enjoy sipping strong hot coffee sitting at a table located on the top of an open restaurant or local you with pleasure poured immediately national drink tequila with salt

In the language of the local Aboriginal people, the whole life worshiping the rock, it is called «Mojarra». They are also there, and the legend of the appearance of sculptures: Many millennia ago, when the land went to the spirits, demons, there lived a tribe Tahamis. And this nation was engaged solely in fishing and worshiped batholith - huge fish inhabiting these waters. They considered it the most. Dumped into the lake a myriad of offerings, but if the going gets tough and had no catches over time, even the terrible God brought a sacrifice babies.

And one day, because the tribe of batholith Read Only, they favor with the other gods and men sent against misfortune. But they all moved steadily. Very angry gods decided to destroy the tribe: they decided to drop the sky on people. And when the people saw that the heavens are falling rapidly on them, threatening to crush them, began to cry, asking for mercy, the mother tried to save the children, but all in vain ... And then jumped out of the sea batholith. Fish soared straight to the sky falling, and rested on its ridge looming threat over the people. And after a long battle deity and the air element sky still retreated and returned to his seat. But for the batholith is not passed in vain: the fish-god turned to stone and crumbled to the ground, where it rests to this day. And until now, people bring offerings to him in gratitude for the salvation of their ancestors.

In 1954, a group of friends at the insistence of the local priest climbed to the top of the rock, using a series of poles inserted into the cleft. They were the first people who managed to climb to the top of El Penon de Guatape (still not known whether there were at Tahamis ways to climb the rock). The rise took 5 days, but the top of the cliff opened magnificent views, as well as a new type of plant Pitcairma heterophila


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