A resident of a small town in the Vinnitsa region leaves on a personal fishing boat

Remember the movie "I want to jail?" and the moment when the main character of the film on the river floated Zaporozhets. You think it's fantastic?
Still there is such a song could be someone from there slyshal- words - "my native Cossack at any time of year only will you help me in seravno you drive somewhere you bro real machine»
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In Ukraine, a resident of a small town in the Vinnitsa region leaves on a personal fishing boat, which was once a common "Zaporozhets." Transform the car he decided after realized that leaving such a valuable car on the shore safe. But now he himself and the driver, and the captain.


Peter in his native Trostyantse Kishchenko that in the Vinnytsia region, the neighbors called the inventor of magic in the blue "Zaporozhets." As he himself says, his concept car has no analogues in the world.
Inherited from his father inherited the car Peter Fedotovich converted into their dream car. Now hunting and fishing only on this wonderful gig.

Former Black Sea Fleet sailors Kishchenko recognizes that reinvent "binge-vodets," as he called it, I had of despair. In our time, the car unattended on the bank to leave dangerous, says the master.
Peter Kishchenko inventor: "It sometimes happened that the night before you are on the water, come to sail on the boat, and then the headlight can be removed, and the time was such that the cow combed the whole side, the paint torn off. So I decided to make such a vehicle, not to leave it on the ground ».

The main secret of waterfowl "Zaporozhets" in a non-standard placement of the engine. The developers put it in the trunk. This is exactly what allows him to freely keep afloat, made an unusual discovery Kishchenko. After the inventor of cut roof and brewed the bottom and the door, the car turned into a small boat.
Peter Kishchenko inventor: "Specifications him as the car remains the same. I did not change the engine, virtually all native. Nothing changes. There are only behind the turbine, now it does not work for technical reasons ».

On the waves of "binge-vodets" Kishchenko accelerates to 10 mph. Both on land and on water, the unusual vehicles is gaining momentum due to the rotation of the wheels, the wheel-controlled helm. At the same time fuel consumption of water convertible only a 5 liters per 100 kilometers.
On Trostjanetsky pond for amphibians local Kulibina have become accustomed. But at first people could not believe their eyes.

Gumenyuk Anatoly, a resident of Trostyanets: "People at first thought as he got there, or coasters somehow, or drunk, who knows. And then it turns out that it floats, moves, chooses to shore ».
After the universal recognition of its amphibious engineer Kishchenko swung to create an entire submarine. Who prepares the drawings. Submarine Peter Fedotovich plans to build on the base of the tank milk tanker.







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