KitAyFon from the cellars of the Middle Kingdom

A few days ago to visit me came a good friend and a sly smile, pulled out of the bag a box of iPhone 4. «I already have an iPhone 4, why you dragged this thing?" - I asked, not understanding the trick. He received the answer: "Do you consider its [the box] better, feel, open." It immediately struck me as odd: larger than a box of European the iPhone 4, but slightly smaller than, for example, in the UK or Hong Kong Kit, which is a hefty adapter for their monstrous power outlet. Oh, and where the apple on the bottom? No there bullseye. After opening the box, I realized that I was dealing with another Chinese replica. Naturally the desire to compare it with the original, especially since before I came across only with copies of the original iPhone and iPhone 3G / 3GS.

+22 Review Photo by Roman Yuryev

Cardboard from "Chinese" boxes easier than the original, printing less, but overall quality at a good level. He took the word "Chinese" in quotes because, in fact, the original iPhone 4, his entire collation and packaging is also made in China, but in other plants, to those that have long been on the equipment have surpassed many businesses in the US and Europe. So when I found another man boasted that his phone / player / still any gadget collected somewhere in the United States, France, Finland, it can cause a smile. Major Chinese companies have long reached the world level. Although the matter of respect legendary Japanese assembly, but, again, it all vestiges of the past and the echoes of Sony, which collects some of the flagship products at home and they really boast of excellent quality. But, back to the Chinese replica iPhone 4.


Open the box and see the harsh pink bag with bubbles, and the inside - the phone in another bag. After removing the last bag, I discovered that the device is still in the film is packed with - powerful.


Included, in addition to phone, packed as cabbage, there are grim headset white with a hefty button accept / reject call, USB-cable for connection to a PC or power supply, proper power supply itself, and a spare battery. "Tray," which is a telephone, is made from the same plastic remarkable as penny children masquerade mask thickness and it has similar.


The power supply is small, black and ugly, very light and it has a standard USB-port. It is strange that it done in black and not white. The modular design copied and color - no.

It looks almost like real!

Well, it's time to feel and the phone itself. You know - the whole, it looks good from afar perfectly disguised as a real iPhone 4. And if a person has never had never seen the original device, and will not take a cue in hand, it is easy to confuse it with the original thing even close.


Note that in size it is a bit larger than the original weight - and there is a little easier in the case of this device a single gram of metal or glass - only one plastic Colored and transparent. Incidentally, the front and rear panels are initially covered with films, not packaging, namely protective. Probably the surface of the transparent plastic is very easily covered with scratches and Chinese film pasted instead oleophobic coating. Comrade tore it from the back of the past and said that to do this would be very difficult.

On my phone on the rear panel glued film Zagg invisibleShield and clearly visible effect of "orange peel»

Copied absolutely everything: the layout of the controls, connectors, bolts, speakers, and their design too and even a slot for a SIM-card. That's only in Chinese, he painted replica. Yes, just painted - a harsh Chinese copy. Another caveat is the fun audio jacks. As he forgery 2, 5 mm, rather than the standard 3, 5 mm which is clearly seen in the photo. Even I do not know why the Chinese have decided to cram an element. Maybe the stock ended the headset with 3, 5-mm jack?




Pay attention to the button Home - Chinese shalturili again, it sticks out above the front panel, and basically all hang out, some snotty.

I should note a rather high-quality assembly. The unit barely squeaks in the hand is like a monolith - it's nice. As for the camera, even two. What about them little known - clearly some a cheap VGA-ins, but even back there is a flash and it works! The front unit in general can be a hoax.


Well, it's time to turn the beast unseen. First, you can watch the colorful inscription «Welcome», and then illuminated the black apple - stilnenko, but apparently stripped popular oboiny for Mac OS X.

What is the resolution of the display device - hard to say, though, judging by personal feelings - 320x240 pixels. Comrade assured that the machine installed processor with 200 MHz. It felt as laden with special effects are not the interface is with great exertion, but what is really there to invent adjectives - it just slows maliciously.

As you can see, cellar masters have tried to the maximum to copy the original interface. Trying to scroll through the pages, I have achieved nothing. It turns out there is a trick - they can only scroll by swiping your finger on the bottom of the screen - where the painted dots representing the number of desktops.

The touchpad is clearly resistive type. On the touch and gestures reacts badly, we have several times to click on the icon or menu item, crawl finger across the screen, trying to poskrollit and so on. D. Outside core applications also copied from the original iOS. Even when you run the "Camera" has a brand effect of the iris, but it is very slow. Although the calendar is different from the original in iOS and more like that of the Android. Phone Russified - the Chinese are trying!


What can I say - this is a real "sheet" as it is, but it is necessary to take into account the fact that there I have this iPhone 4 and several years of experience of using "apple" phones. It is natural for me to be a terrible Chinese replica and how it works - as well. The interface slows down and does not react to user actions, slyapat sloppy display the quality is far from even the cheap touchscreen phones from Samsung and LG. The camera is also terrible, though it flash. Not only that, the pictures are bad both from the back, so still and photographed it only after five times to put pressure on the appropriate button on the screen. In general, everything is bad. Again - for me personally bad.

But the man never in the hands not holding the iPhone 4, but having seen it in the pictures, it is quite satisfied with the gadget. Especially if a user has to have worked with some old phone with a monochrome display and big buttons. All the same assembly at the device is not bad, the big screen, the camera has a flash. Moreover, my copy contains two slots for SIM-cards. As I learned from the words of his friend, and there are similar models with a single slot, and with built-in analog TV tuner.

Do you think this sarcasm? Not at all. Many times I have seen people wander to my friends in the store of technology Apple (official reseller) asking about the price and functionality of the iPhone, and then with a wry smile reporting that it is better go out and buy the same machine 6-8 times cheaper and at the same time it can stick two SIM-cards, use the built-in TV and so on in the same spirit.

By the way, I did not understand how to disassemble the machine in question to insert SIM-card. I guess that would have to unscrew the bolts on the bottom, but do not become. Suddenly, something that is not screwed, but people still sell the unit.

In any product there is a buyer

Incidentally, with regard to sales. It turns out that this kind of device, namely, this particular model and its derivatives are, judging by the words of my friend, in great demand. They are sold at a price of $ 130- $ 160 and people rowing, rowing Chinese replica with terrible force. I, frankly, do not understand it. Here, perhaps, is the rule that the less you know the better you sleep and feel happier. For the same money you can buy something from inexpensive sensornikov LG, Samsung, Philips and get a lot more quality and functional machine that is still worth the money that is invested in it. Straining can also find something of inexpensive devices based on Android - it will generally be space in comparison with the considered gadget.

But many people do not know all the details. They see before them a much-touted the iPhone 4, the legendary smartphone that is on everyone's lips, and at the same time he asked for some ridiculous money for this device. Many people buy these things and they are happy, genuinely happy this purchase, and what they will be different from the owner of the iPhone 4? Yes, nothing! Everybody is happy and everyone is happy, and that for the price, everyone pays as much as can afford.



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