Tesla Motors will start production of electric vehicles in China

The head of Tesla Motors Elon Musk at an event in Beijing stated that in the next 2-3 years China will launch the debut production of electric cars Tesla. The company plans to invest significant funds in the development of electromobile infrastructure in the country, which should be quick-charging station that allows by changing the battery to continue the path after a few minutes.Such interest in the Chinese market Elon Musk explained by two reasons. The first is of course its scale. The authorities now actively encourage residents to purchase electric vehicles and hybrids, allocating substantial subsidies and not try to grab a piece of this cake from Tesla Motors, would be unwise.

The second reason is little benefit exports of cars to China. If the US base Model S is 71 thousand dollars, in China it is the same, including shipping and customs fees will rise to 118 thousand dollars. The organization of the production in China will avoid a 25 percent import tax, and to deduct the cost of electric vehicles within acceptable limits. Note that in the coming days Tesla Motors begins selling the Model S in China, and this event was preceded by a press conference, Elon musk.

Source: newsland.com


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