High-quality motor pumps with guarantees from a well-known seller

The need for high-quality construction tools is fully satisfied by Sigma Ukraine, whose successful operation in the industry since 1994 has allowed it for more than a quarter of a century to be in the TOP of the most demanded not only distributors, but also manufacturers of high-quality tools and equipment for a wide range of purposes. ... Having entered the portal sigma.ua, a potential buyer is immediately convinced that, thanks to the widest range of products offered, its adequate cost, he will not have to spend time, physical and nervous efforts looking for the right tool / equipment outside this online store.

Efficient and practical motor pumps
Few production, whether industrial, or agricultural, communal, private households manage to do without a motor pump for water, the main difference of which from a surface pump is the power source used to start and operate. In a motor pump, this can be an internal combustion engine or an electric motor.
Moderation of the price for motor pumps in sigma.ua further emphasizes the advantages of these devices, which are:
  • a wider range of applications in comparison with surface pumps;
  • the ability to work without power from power sources;
  • inexpensive maintenance and ease of care, available, even to non-professionals;
  • high maintainability;
  • compactness;
  • the possibility of pumping, including dirty water.

The advantages of motor pumps determine their widespread use in equipping wells, plumbing houses, watering plants, pumping water and extinguishing places of fire. Without them, drainage of swamps and basements, drainage of foundation pits would be very difficult.

Great choice
When deciding to purchase pumping equipment, it is worth considering that one of the most acceptable options in many respects is the Aquatica motor pump, equipped with an internal combustion engine using both gasoline and diesel or gas as a fuel mixture. The Aquatika motor pump, which is equally good at pumping clean or contaminated water or corrosive liquid, is effectively used in:
  • construction, - for suction of water from pits and for various purposes of wells;
  • agriculture, - when irrigating crops and processing the crops themselves with liquid fertilizers;
  • utilities, - for pumping out the contents of collectors and cesspools;
  • emergency response structures - to fight fires, floods, oil spills;
  • household, - for filling various tanks / pools, draining the area after floods / floods, pumping water from basements, etc.

The purchase of an Aquatica motor pump in Sigma Ukraine guarantees its high quality and value for money, devoid of any markups from intermediaries.


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