How to buy on eBay and not to be cheated

Recently, I and several of my friends faced with mothers fraud when buying on Ibey.
So, a brief history of the profit-

Part One. Buy small presents.

For example vzbredilo us to buy his wife a present popular categories - first smartphone!
It was chosen a time-tested Samsung Galaxy S i9000. Who in the course will understand
(great choice of alternative firmware, including the latest android)
Go on and choose Ibey ... Excellent Lot New smart complete half-price delivery.
At the time of purchase of $ 215, that is, half the price of our stores' Net. The description clearly states that the lot NEW,
complete in box with all prichandaly.

Error №1 to the Seller with a rating of more than 140,000 and 98% positive reviews you can trust.
Even if he is from Hong Kong.

Buy. Rejoice. The next day we get tracking HongKong Post.
Rejoice efficiency again.
A week later, the tracking is still monitored. Patiently waiting.
Two days later an angry letter to support instantly send a new tracking number for some reason, Swiss Post.
A day later, he tracked well and chudnenko.
Freezes in anticipation.

Part two. We receive and ofigevayu.

So what's in the package ... See photos.
Totally beushnye trash collected, and what was on his knee,
as a classic it was once put it - "dirty smelly hallways free bucket cinema October»
Korean operator version Anycall M110S, pereshito curve kEtayskoy firmware, full of dust,
a faded screen in several places, the left box, left charging, the battery left, left cover,
instructions from the push Samsung and so on. etc.


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