Refurbished - Electronics restored. Is it worth buying?

John Smith from New York for several months waiting for release of the new MacBook Air, and as soon as he appeared in the Apple Store, at once making a purchase. John was lucky - he orders processed among the first, and after four days MacBook brought to the doorstep of the apartment couriers UPS. Unpack the purchase, John could not contain the joy: not believe that tonight he succeeded his old man for Dell's smallest, lightweight and long lasting laptop from Apple! So, reviewing the box, John includes a new MacBook and immediately notices something from which the mood instantly fall - with a screen something like this: in the middle are two strange dark stripes. The obvious marriage, the computer needs to be changed.


Yeah, it happens sometimes ... But do not worry, in two weeks, John got his new, this time a fully serviceable MacBook Air, and has long been willing to use them, being on the road. But in this article we will cover another question: how was the fate of the first netbook with a defective display, which immediately returned to the manufacturer after the purchase, because, of course, when Apple got back the faulty computer price of $ 900, no one would deduct it. Only now renovated the MacBook clearly can not be put up for sale as the New - they already use. But at the same time he does not Used
At this point, usually, the assumptions people living in Russia, to an end. After all, we like - product may be either new or B / Y shnym. There is no third. And here in the United States have called it Refurbished - the recovered goods. Let's see what the difference between the reduced product from the former to use.

Used - the goods that popolzovavshis certain time, and then put up for sale. Their buyer there is no guarantee of their performance except for parole seller. In addition, such a condition is determined by the electronics is very subjective and often not in favor of the buyer, since the seller has lots of ways to hide all the problem areas devaysa as in the photo and in life.

Refurbished - are goods, for whatever reasons, returned to the manufacturer after the sale, which he, in turn, inspected, if necessary, replace the marriage, remove traces of use and put up for sale.

In which case the goods acquire the status of Refurbished:

- If they were returned for any reason after purchase: I detect defects; I felt sorry for the money spent; I did not like the color;
- If the device is returned within the warranty period;
- If the device is displayed in a store as a demonstration model;
- If the device was returned in connection with any damage during shipping;
- If the manufacturer has withdrawn a batch of goods to eliminate the mass defect;
- If the manufacturer has withdrawn the items to upgrade.

In the case of John laptop recovery algorithm was as follows: since the repair MacBook display is not provided by the manufacturer, Apple replaced the entire cover of the new Air is entirely conducted additional diagnostics laptop, make sure that the other marriage there are no eliminated the traces of use, repack Mac to the new box adding to all the parts, documentation and a full one-year warranty. And then we put the device here .

But most importantly - with the change of the status from the New at Refurbished and the price varies. On older models of goods recovered in the Apple Store discounts they can reach 25-35%, and 10-15% of the new. Former John laptop, for example, fell by 15%, or $ 140.

What does it change? For a new buyer is absolutely nothing, except that the packaging has changed: a simple white and unpretentious. The rest is a brand new computer, which, besides, after elimination of double-checking the marriage.

Should I buy a laptop former John? If Apple will take your order - definitely worth it. This will save on the $ 140, but on the more expensive models, the discount can reach up to $ 400. Here, again, no differences in safeguards, equipment, appearance and functionality not. This is not just speculation and advice based on personal experience!

In 2014, the year I ordered the American Apple Store reconstituted MacBook Pro 13 '. The laptop has managed me $ 300 cheaper than a new model, and I use them for a year. Before me, a few days he stayed or Jack from Iowa or Kim from California, I do not know. But well aware that, when it was getting a brand new MacBook with a full warranty, and a complete set of all the five cycles of the battery, which can be roughly translated into 1-2 days of use.

After buying a local Apple dealer in my town confirmed that any warranty repair will be free of poppy cultivation throughout the year. In general, some pluses. The only negative is that the recovery technique Apple, you can only buy online Apple Store - Artem Danilov, editor banderolku. I> blockquote> And then we select to another important topic.

Recovery Recovery strife
Because from the very beginning as an example, I took a technique Apple, let us continue our theme apple devices. The latter conclusion is the last paragraph is not entirely true. That's right, it would have sounded like this: « The only downside is that the quality the restored technique Apple, can only be bought online Apple Store em>». One word, changes the whole meaning. And it all in two different types of recovery:

Manufacturer Refurbishment - the very recovery that has undergone MacBook Air and John. The main feature - restoring the Manufacturer
Seller Refurbishment - another popular type of remanufactured products, which, alas, and dilutes all the positive emotions from cool deals a heavy spoon of tar. This recovery has been dealer
There is a lot to talk about the degree of responsibility for their products, which is the manufacturer and the seller is different, about ushlosti individual traders on the same eBay or Amazon. But everything is much simpler: the resources and capabilities for high-quality restoration of the seller and manufacturer differ enormously.

Usually Soup recovered seller are the result of various Trade-in action "bring the old device, and a new get cheaper." After this device are restored and sold under the designation seller refurbished. A lot of them, especially phones. They are sold on eBay and international services, and on Amazon, and at your local electronics store sulfur ( usually only gray salesmen of the CIS reported that items recovered i>).

Buy them strongly recommended. Neither of which the quality control there can be no question.

In this article we covered the main details that the buyer needs to know the recovered equipment from the United States. However, apart from Apple recovered equipment sold almost all electronics manufacturers. It can be found on the official website or on multi-platforms. Buying refurbished products directly from the producer himself, definitely better and safer, however, and Amazon often offers good rates and options such goods. The main thing is, pay attention to who is engaged in restoration - the seller or manufacturer.

Thank you and good shopping.



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