Cheating at auction eBay (11 photos)

Useful article on how not to buy a fake on eBay and not to be deceived.
Especially I advise to read those who do not have experience buying on this resource.





Part One. Buy small presents.

For example vzbredilo us to buy his wife a present popular categories - first smartphone! It was chosen a time-tested Samsung Galaxy S i9000. Who know he will understand (great choice of alternative firmware, including the latest Android) Go on and choose Ibey ... Excellent Lot New smart complete half-price delivery. At the time of purchase of $ 215, that is, half the price of our stores' Net. The description clearly states that the lot NEW, complete in box with all prichandaly.

Error №1 to the Seller with a rating of more than 140,000 and 98% positive reviews you can trust. Even if he is from Hong Kong.


Buy. Rejoice. The next day we get tracking HongKong Post. Rejoice efficiency again. A week later, the tracking is still monitored. Patiently waiting. Two days later an angry letter to support instantly send a new tracking number for some reason, Swiss Post. A day later, he tracked well and chudnenko. Freezes in anticipation.


Part two. We receive and ofigevayu.

So what's in the package ... See photos. Totally beushnye trash collected, and what was on the knee as had once put a classic - "dirty smelly hallways free bucket Theater October" Korean operator version Anycall M110S, pereshito curve kEtayskoy firmware full of dust, with faded in a few places screen, left box, left charging, the battery is left, left cover, instructions on push samsungov etc. etc.


Part Three. The Moment of Truth.

Sold in Hollywood surprised. No! He resents. How could this happen?!? Probably summed up one of the negligent providers. A thousand apologies, and offer you a nice full refund or send now surely the new device. Of course, after you get the parcel back


Error №2. You do not want to pay extra for return shipping and the Seller cynically taking care of your money, it is strongly advised to return the parcel ordinary parcel post, is not registered, ie, without tracking

Error №3. You send the package back in complete tranquility under the double protection PeyPel Ibey and the Seller as well as assurances that its over 150,000 (!) Of sales problems simply can not be


Error №4. You understand that golovnyak already earned, but the problem with a gift and has not been solved, and the other half saved on a gift budget, you have successfully cut. Perhaps you choose in "just-takoyzhe just-new-smart-by-half price»


The moment of truth comes the magical 45 day interest you the Seller miraculously disappears.

He no longer responds to the letter and even includes a complete ignore. Remarkably, all the laws and on the 45th day will not help you either Ibey PeyPel no, maybe. came the opening period of the claim.


As a result, the Seller and your money and smatfono-trash, which will soon be sent to the following "Client." This is the essence of e-business, rather nai business Cellphoneforever. Also known as FAN YANG HONGKONG.


Scammers operate for a long time and probably successful.
A huge number of positive responses collected on the sale of small things such as penny of chargers, adapters and other accessories okolomobilnoy.
Against the backdrop of thousands of positive feedback couple hundred negative - a drop in the sea.
This post was written after several of my friends "bought" for the holidays at this seller currently golovnyak.
This suggests that the problem of large-scale, beware, warn acquaintances.
And remember, if you have already ordered items that you do not promise a support of scams Cellphoneforever, no matter how pleaded to wait a bit,
You have to open debates up to 45 days or risk being left holding the bag.
Good luck!



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