Cars "Grand Tourism" the beginning of this century

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Who retired the first decade of the XXI century has returned true content which appeared a century ago, the concept of «Gran Turismo» as a comfortable car for long distance travel and fast. Motorists early twentieth century, was surprised to be perceived strong current coupled with the prefix «GT» because of their unique uncomfortable for long trips. For the races they are good, but not for the "Big Tourism»!

Age and everything went back to square one: Automakers around the world have remembered almost forgotten concept of "sports sedan", but it is unclear why get the cars dubbed the "four-door coupe».
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"Initiator of" in the "four-door coupe" in 2007. Mercedes-Benz has been the model CLS
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In the coming 2011 we expect this new subsistence sportsedan from Stuttgart
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Another German automaker could not miss the resurgent interest in sports chetyrёhdverkam in 2008. I presented on the basis of the Passat its version under the name Volkswagen CC, which meant «Comfort Coupe
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Silhouette brainchild Volkswagen is clearly similar to the Mercedes
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Another firm, which is under the patronage of the VW - Lamborghini - shown in the same 2008, a prototype of the true sportsedan named Estoque
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Until recently, the prospects for the production of this car was very vague, but in late 2010 Lamborghini management has given the "green light" finishing Estoque the conveyor. We are waiting to ...
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But Italy is famous not only for cars with the bull in the logo, but with a trident and a sports car on the grid. In 2008 she began to produce the heir to the dynasty of the classic Maserati Quattroporte
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Sports and luxury - these are the main "trump card" cars from Maserati
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Another European manufacturer of sports cars - the British "Lotus" - decided to participate in the carve-up apetitnye cake "Gran Turismo" and in 2010 presented the concept Lotus Eterne, focus on release in 2015.
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Interestingly, after 5 years from factory gate Lotus will leave the machine with the same appearance or auto fashion have time to change?
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However, the New World does not lag behind Europe and there also appear ambitious projects sportsedanov production. Formed in this century in the US company Fisker to chief designer, who worked previously at Aston Martin in 2007. showed a hybrid Fisker Karma
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In appearance Fisker Karma merged classical and avant-garde. Serial production of promise is about to start.
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Later in this review occur five-door versions of "Gran Turismo", which formally should be called big sports hatchback, but the producers with a persistence worthy of a better cling to the notion of "coupe" even confused at times in determining the amount of doors: then, whether four-them "coupe", then, whether the five-door ... and some even typed impudence to call his creation "sedan".
But anyway - a real "Gran Turismo".

Before all, and regardless of all the 2006 British classic "sportkarostroeniya" Aston-Martin showed successor line sports sedans, interrupted at one time on a model of Lagonda, - a prototype of Aston-Martin Rapide.
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By 2010. Britain honored to roll out pre-production of its "GT" with the name Rapide
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Of course it is impossible to ignore the series for more than "five-door coupe" Porsche Panamera, which was released a year ago
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Maybe even someone of you could already see the Porsche Panamera "live"
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Again, we take a look over the ocean and found a prototype all-electric Tesla Model S, scheduled for production in this year, 2011.
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The designers of Tesla's design for the car turned to the same stylist who painted and the Fisker Karma, so the stylistic similarities with the Aston-martin and Fisker is no coincidence.
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The Japanese, however, have also started to move in the above direction, and the first sign was the concept Mazda Shinari 2010
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Find whether the concept of mass incarnation - is unknown, but the car was quite worthy of attention (although not without some citation)
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But the "naizhirnyuschim" five-door sports hatchback of the decade is certainly the Bugatti 16C Galibier, prezentovany at the turn of 2009/2010
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It looks like the Volkswagen AG.pri through its divisions, I decided to take all possible price range "sportsedanov" from Passat, through Estoque to Bugatti Galibier
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Galibier is equipped naturally folksvagenovskim engine W16
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At the end of the review show a couple of cars very distracting from the overall series, but with similar stated indirect signs.

The first of the "mutants" - is an incredible mixture of coupe, sedan and SUV called Spyker D12 Peking-to-Paris, Shown for the first time in Geneva in 2006.
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His name that Spyker was in honor of the rally Paris-Beijing 1907, where this car brand ranked second. The prototype was built using the Audi Q7 chassis with engine W12
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The second of the "strange" sportsedanov, which I can not fail to mention is the Bitter Vero, representations to the public in 2007. The most "wild" in this machine is its "internationalism": The car is manufactured in Germany by Bitter-based Australian Business Holden Statesman sedan with the most powerful engine of the American branch of "GM". Trim at the highest level, manual assembly and the price of half a million dollars allows to classify this "mutant" to elite cars.

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