10 most prosperous countries in the world

Five years ago, researchers at the Legatum Institute - a think-tank in London - sat down for drawing up ranking the most prosperous countries in the world. Only recently they published the results of his research, called "Prosperity Index 2010". The rating included 110 countries, which account for 90% of the population.

Each country is evaluated on 89 criteria which were grouped into eight integrated indicators, such as economics, business, government, education, health, security, personal freedom and social capital.
His homeland researchers placed on the 13th place.

So, starting from the end. The last in the top ten included the United States, who took the first place in terms of health. According to the criteria of freedom of enterprise and access to equal opportunities in this field, as well as management of the state States ranks third in the world. Education and freedom of the individual in the "most democratic country in the world", according to the Americans, the degree of development are only the ninth step.

Diametrically opposite topic-poorest country in the world

More worse things with the economy (14th place) and social capital (12th place), but with the security here at all is bad - on the criterion of the United States took only 25th place in the world rankings. What else to expect in a country where virtually every childhood accustomed to bear arms, and even can not imagine their existence without it.

Just come on the heels of US Netherlands. Here in the economy is all right (3rd place in the world), and as a result, social capital is also quite high (5th place). Less effective immediately operates public administration (10th place), free enterprise ranks only 12th in the world.

The level of education, health and personal freedom allow the Netherlands to enjoy the 13th place. And then the security situation is not much better than in the US - on this indicator Netherlands occupy 18th place in the world. Looks like the free sale of drugs has an effect.

Eighth in the rankings - Switzerland. Ranking first in the world in terms of the effectiveness of political institutions, Switzerland also boasts a high level of economic development (2nd place) and the medical infrastructure (3rd place). The weakest point of the state, British scientists have recognized education, giving him only 29 th place in the world rankings. In Switzerland the other criteria included in the leaders of the second ten.

Individual freedom is best ensured in Canada, ranked seventh step of the complex rating. Economics and Public Administration here in fifth place in the world, social capital - in the eighth. Worst of all is the case here with security, but this figure is quite high - 16 th place in the world rankings. For the rest of the criteria a little Canada was not enough to enter the top ten.

Sixth place belongs to Sweden, where business opportunities are estimated at "silver", but the rest of the Scandinavian country to perform well, "middling" among leaders.

In New Zealand, according to the British, the best system of education. It is also well-developed governance, personal freedom and social capital. But health care is woven at the end of the second ten world leaders. Hardly fared better with the economy and business.

Australia ranked fourth in the world in overall rating due to the high development of the education, freedom of the individual and social welfare. Management and control system is in eighth place in the world, entrepreneurship and safety - on the thirteenth.

The weakest link in the States of the continent - the health care system, which occupies the 15th place in the world. But given the fact that the researchers evaluated 110 countries, it is not such a bad record.

"Bronze" British scientists have given Finland. Ranking third in the world according to the criteria of education and security, the State failed to enter the top ten only in terms of individual freedom (12th place).

Denmark has received from researchers from London "silver", being recognized as the land of opportunity. There is also a high performance management and social blagostostoyaniya (2nd place). Defined here health (17th place), as per other criteria Denmark entered the top five world leaders.

Finally, the "gold" went to Norway, which ranks first in the world in terms of economic development and public welfare, and the second - on security and personal freedom. Education and medicine there are also highly developed (4th place). According to the criteria features, Norway was on the sixth place in the world ranking, and performance management - on the twelfth.




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