Airbase Domna: flights are not in a dream, but in reality

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Now about 412 th air base, which is based on two airfields (Blast furnace and Chita-1, also known as Cheryomushki). We were only in a blast furnace (there, by the way, the military flew passenger overboard from Moscow of the 13th, and from there flew to Moscow on the 18th). Just we have invited the Army and because aviation was not the purpose of our trip, just on the way to an artillery brigade stopped.
In the air base six squadrons: 1st and 2nd fly the Su-25, 3rd and 4th - the MiG-29, 5th - on the Mi-24, 6th - Helicopter Mi-8. Most (90%) of flying technique, each pilot swoops on average 50-70 hours per year, the age of the aircraft - an average of 15-17 years.

39 photos

2. The commander of the air base for your time, answer all the questions of the journalists, showed told.

3. Journalists are lined up on the hill to take the picture better.

4. Flying and technical staff go on a mission

5. The process of preparation is not as spectacle frames at 20, I have, but nothing outstanding. Because the pilot had already sat down in the plane prepared.


7. The plane was taxiing from the parking lot.

8. Then we moved on to another plane, which is also getting ready for take-off, but we were given plenty of time to take pictures of it from all sides. For instance, rear view.


10. And this thing is not on the plane, but it - it "abut" all exhausts, including a fiery trail of nozzles

11. And this is a little pale: ladder that rises to the pilot of the plane, painted 1-2 days prior to our arrival. All those who climbed on it (including me), inexpressibly grateful for that - on clothes were red spots, hands washed for three days.

12. That is, in fact, climbed. A bunch of dials, buttons and levers ... How can you remember?


14. And this is several planes went to take off.






20. And here in flight.

21. A small digression about the military uniforms of the new sample. To make pictures in the sky flying aircraft (such as frames mnu got about fifty - they're just more or less the same), I had to stand for 20 minutes on his knees in the snow. So - after 20 minutes of standing in the snow on his knees in the cold (and it was not hot) knees began to freeze. It is only at this point. Then again scoured the erodromu, and later - on the artillery range - and it was hot again.


23. We took off, flew - and it is time to land. Between takeoff and landing it was probably an hour.


25. Tse ya around the runway to give an interview to the Chita television (video here -). And that quality is - it's me on the photo poizvraschatsya.

26. Few of his colleagues noticed, incidentally, that the very first plane to a parking lot (see. The beginning of the reporting) towed the special truck.

27. The next came in to land.

28. Scenes from the parachute ejected for braking - did not happen. A pity ...




32. After a few hours well spent in the fresh frosty Zabaikalsk-East Siberian air, we moved into the locker room of flight crews to see what, in fact, the pilots fly. The first suit (already worn by the pilot) - compensation. In the case of cabin depressurization there inflated things going along the arms and legs on the sides, squeezing the body and generally make it to the pilot landing or ejection without losing consciousness.

33. If a flight is expected over the sea, it is worn waterproof suit (orange), and at first just a warm - winter train on the street!






39. And then I pressed a button on the camera, and it is completely out of focus. Because zavershatelnuyu picture - where the pilot in the helmet and boots - steal as always with a colleague on the trip - at twower'a.



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