The air base "Borisovsky Khotilovo"

Today you have the opportunity to look at a typical summer day, the air base and read the comments of the author.
At the invitation of the Press Club of Defense of Russia, I in the company of other bloggers went to the airfield "Borisovsky Khotilovo", located in the Tver region, near Bologoe. The air base is in constant combat readiness by protecting the airspace of Moscow and the Central Industrial Region. Currently stationed at the airbase:

- 790 th Fighter III degree Order of Kutuzov Aviation Regiment, which consist armed MiG-31;
- 3rd squadron of Su-27;
- 844 th separate battalion of communication and radar support (OBS PTO) - performs radio engineering support missions. And since 2007, the airfield is Borisovsky Khotilovo joint deployment: In addition to military aviation, based here, and civil - FGBU "Special Flight Detachment" Russia ". We look at a typical summer day, the air base.

1. Summer day begins with a flight training.

2. Crews study documents, spreadsheets and much more interesting and secret.

3. In the 90 years, in connection with the collapse of the Union, was tight - do not fly. Now things are much better - a week for three days is given to flights and two - to prepare.

4. In the class of pilots talk about the current situation, weather, and most importantly - on the task at hand. On board the main parameters for the current day.

5. Mate's stash. Tips cribs desired numbers and much more.

6. summer uniforms (especially hats) adjusted individually.

7. This is a tall mask, designed to fly up to the ceiling (20,000 meters).

8. At the other end of the airport is located house with crews that are on alert. On combat alert, they must dress to arrive by plane (private planes are dressed and hung with rockets) and prepare it to take off in 10 minutes.

9. Pressure suit - personal equipment pilot to counter low barometric pressure in the event of cabin depressurization at considerable heights.

10. Trying WCC and helmet.

11. flight ready!

12. At the airport is also based third squadron of Su-27. This board has dragged truck in TECH (technical and operational part of) service.

13. Pilon products.

14. Parking MiG-31 and Su-27. Finally we are here!

15. Seventh flight number for exploration weather.

16. The D-30F6 - turbojet, two-shaft, with a total afterburner and variable supersonic nozzle. The MiG-31, there are two. In the afterburner - 15500 kg each.

17. The main landing gear. Never paid any attention to her artful design. This configuration improves the patency on dirt and ice aerodromes, as each wheel has its own line path, not Torit traditional Russian rut from which "not going anywhere".

18. The crew scout weather.

19. After inspection, the crew of the aircraft takes place and performs preflight.

20. Volumes under the air intake duct allow to place the main landing gear in the retracted position. Moreover, the front flaps landing gear can be used as air brakes.

21. The engine is started, the system checked.

22. The Rise!

23. In the meantime, prepare the equipment to fly other aircraft that are planned after returning scout weather.

24. Uncovering the planes, check equipment.

25. Lieutenant Shpak fly on the ceiling.

26. Crews carefully inspect the aircraft before departure.

27. Scout beautiful passes over the strip first straight start, and then back again.

28. By the way, the engines of the MiG-31 is a modernized version of the engines installed in the passenger Tu-134.

29. Su-27.

30. It turns out, that's it from drying leans radome. Under it - the very secret radar!

31. And our scout makes a pass over the strip and beautiful leaves on the second lap.

32. Alignment and touchdown passes at a speed of about 330 km per hour. Next, enter the braking parachute.

33. Target.

34. In 1997, a modernization of the thirty-first (MiG-31BM), because Mo had no money for new cars.


Here you can walk everywhere was to shoot, comes very close to the band. Some of the things we have been asked not to show, of course.

36. The crew after setting.

37. A short report and filling some documents.

38. Pitot (LDPE)

39. Compared to the Su-27, the thirty-first it seems a bit clunky, but it really is - a formidable fighting machine.

40. Elegant Su-27.

41. The mysterious red-white device.

42. Aircraft have to maintain, repair and renovate. This is all done in TECH.

43. Visual aids to the Su-27.

44. The access covers.

45. Engine. Dunno what.

46. ​​Cab Su-27. The right side asked not to show it. But if you really want to see a very sensitive part of the cabin drying, you can look at Wikipedia.

47. Gazovka TECH. Here they have engines.

48. And a little army routine.

49. You will not believe, but really hang next two washbasins with shells.

50. Food rations.

51. Severe ATM.

52. Assertive photographers climbed into the cab.

53. And looked in niche aircraft landing gear!

54. And also went on the air base (secret, of course) but with such lenses. tanandra

55. pompeya embarrassed that I caught him with his camera!

56. And here it is - a rather point shooting (the tip of the flue gas). The main thing that aircraft at the plant at the time.

57. mmet pompeya and crawl out of a snowy field near the band since landing scout to wait another hour.

58. alexey_viper pretends fotochki knocks on hard, but it is clearly up to something, and transfers files at once in the Mossad! Green YUSB cable it is very suspicious.

59. The group of photographers nominated single file to the band. Two are on the lookout.
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