And who then normal?

Curious case occurred recently in New York. And by itself it is quite interesting and symptomatic, and its classification - and did milestone time.
Well, as spammers are able to get any sensible user, we all know is not second-hand. And even those who are trying to measure tolerance and philosophically easy on this side of life in the network, no, no, yes and are on the verge of collapse. When really want to personally remove all nails of fingers craftsmen who fills his super special and fantastic offers your certainly dull and hopeless life.
And someone Jeremy Clancy, probably in one of those moments, I decided nevertheless in its own deal with violators of internet-conventions, as hopes for a legitimate solution to the problem has vanished. Being a man of pragmatic and concrete, he was simply calculate the physical addresses of the masters of the epistolary genre and cut the wires to them. And this is done, they say, not sparing the stomach, forgetting about the joys of life, and even sleep.
Dude finally tied. Well, he is not Rambo, in the end, not Chuck Norris. And the police work like this - if we talk in the legal field, as a minimum, hooliganism. But here is what followed then ... Jeremy stated mental disorder (say, inappropriate actions) and sent for treatment in hospital Greystone Park.
Of course, if the doctors warning in advance in order to elementary otmazatsya a good man from a lot of trouble, then everything is clear. But if in all seriousness, then, sorry, but who then normal?


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