Day skillful hands on Yap - Repair cuisine

Day skillful hands on Yap or 7 years back I bought a 3-bedroom sralnik.

Inspired by 99th, sartire, Mafon and lockers, well, could not hold out, I went naryl old pictures.
Appears I bought an apartment at the old men, and since the money at that time was running out, I bought here is a sralnik.

Repair decided to start with the kitchen, according to this about her and will be discussed

The gas meter is not in cash

Ceilings curves sho fox

Stove ahrenemonnaya

Radiator negreyka

Plumbing by Francesco gavnini

Sewer Kick

Walls, mlyayaya

Locker nakuy

Inserted window

He took off the old floor

I put the door

I drank the wall under the dishwasher

Crate ceiling

moved down the counter

Regips bought

Clay plasterboard




And finally loomed picture ...







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