Metal detectors in the Moscow metro

The blogger writes in nikultsev ridus_news:

Most recently, at the Moscow metro station "Okhotny Ryad" put metal detectors and X-ray machines ...

7 ph

New equipment, as I said, an employee of the police of the new generation.

I was really wondering why 2 of 3 metal detectors work, but 3 is turned off and pass through it freely people.

Across the exact same situation, but you can not pass.

I walked up to a police officer and a specialist who is responsible for this system.
-Hello, But you can enlighten my bag?
Yes of course, please.
-Why Did you shoot?
-I Wonder.
-Don't Shoot me, we should not be removed.
-How Can not? You are an employee in the performance, you can shoot.
Yeah well, you know I'm sitting here day and was very tired.
-I Understand you completely and you do not intend to shoot.

Two lenses, purse hooks bag, everything is visible.

The employee told him about a recent incident that occurred.
Metal caught the metal and they stopped a young man with a bag and going to enlighten her.
But the young man confirmed that the metal in the bag, firmly refused to give her bag for the procedure.
She said that they were arguing about 10 minutes vkontse man tired and gave the bag.

I continue the conversation:
-And You can question?
Why does not work the frame and pass through it people?
-Ponyatiya Have no standing before the party, but it somebody pushed.
-And Who is responsible for this system? You?
-No, We do not.
-And You can have something to do with the person who is responsible for this?
(Silence, an employee leaves the subway, I translate the conversation)
How did you think this system will help?

A few minutes passed, a woman comes in with the civilian employee of the subway and talk among themselves. As I understand the conversation was about me, who I am and what I do here forgot.

Start a conversation with this woman:

-You Who?
Is a man of.
-And What are we not men?
-I correspondent blogger. And you are responsible for this system?
-Do Not your business.
Why on one side of the frame is off and there is a chair, and this through the disabled are people?
-Why Are you trying our private information?
-This Free information, I want to know why does not work through her frame and made the passage?
-You Have permission to film there?
-I Do not need it I can shoot here.
-By Subway rules I have the right to shoot without the flash and tripod!
You're young, you need it ?! Are you not in a hurry ?!
-perfect No hurry.
-And Actually I feel bad!
Why can not I get free information?
-No comment!
-Tell it to the camera!
(Then she turned away)
-without comments ...

When I was talking with a woman, she is very nervous and her voice trembled.
I decided to go about their business and come back an hour later to check, whether the situation has changed,.

The situation has indeed changed, it is party.

But still there is a loophole, and you can enter through the exit and avoid the metal detector.

Here such here we have "security".



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