The collapse of the American Dream

Sometimes serious topics fall into YaP. I decided to share the theme
All the time blamed Russia, but this time decided to slightly "open" the eyes to the fact they live in the "cradle" of democracy. All good things eventually come to an end.

1. In a recent article by Janet Tavakoli vividly described the shocking wave of violence that engulfed the city of Chicago right now. That, she says, is happening now in Chicago, it is much more than just a warning ...

This year, as if the gates of Hell opened wide in the heart of Chicago. Years when the police is not enough number of people employed, resulted in the fact that the police became unprepared for various kinds of savagery and violence perpetrated by groups of people. Moreover, the concealed carrying of weapons by police in Chicago illegally, of course, if something koto comply with the constitution.

Young people gathered in the crowd, attacking tourists and residents everywhere: on buses, on beaches, bike path, close to the shops on the Magnificent Mile and even next to their houses. Crowds shoplifterov become a real plague for shops Magnificent Mile.

Horror went through many richest areas of Chicago. Some even call for residents of Chicago over the weekend completely avoid such areas as the Magnificent Mile, is not on the streets there will be more police.

Crowds of young people crowded retail stores, attacking shoppers and passers-by, and even the throwing of the cars passing by.

Tavakoli has included in his article eyewitness account of the events in Chicago:
About eleven in the evening on Friday 3rd June, I heard cries, screams, whistles and screeching tires departing from my home machine ... when I looked out my window to the street, I saw a crowd of twenty young people ... who crossed the street, moving from home, where I live. They shouted at the passing people and passing by. I saw them stop the transport, including even the taxi and pulled out of their people ... It was a frightening sight, I was sure that someone will suffer.

2. If you do not pay your credit for training, riot police could pick you out of the house.

You doubt this?

The following is how a recent article in The Daily Mail describes the special forces raid occurred recently, which obviously was conducted by order of the Department of Education ...

The father was taken out of the house, in front of his children, he was handcuffed. All this has made the special forces, who sought his wife with him not living, to demand payment from her credit for her studies.

Door stunned Kenneth Wright was knocked involved in the raid group at six o'clock in the morning. Then he was brought to the front porch, handcuffed and with his three children were taken to the police car.

He said that he had to spend in the area six hours while police searched for his wife, who no longer live in their home.

3. In a city in the state of Connecticut had to close a new magnificent fountain, because too many people were using it as a toilet.

4. In the recent Memorial Day weekend at the city across America are literally turned into a war zone. There have been reports of outbreaks of mass violence in Miami, New York, Chicago, Charlotte, Myrtle Beach, Nashville and Boston.

If you want to see with their own eyes what was going on in Miami, you can watch this video. It is quite shocking, so please make sure that it does not see small children.

5. One of the most popular books in America today is the "children's book" titled "Hell, yes, you go to sleep already».

6. Recently in Washington teenage girl shot in her father with a hunting bow, because he took her mobile phone.

7. Recently, the New York City man of thirty was accused of assaulting a woman vosmidesyatipyatiletnyuyu for the purpose of rape.

8. The political strategist James Carville Democrat gave rise to many high-profile titles, when recently in a talk show with Don Imus said:

"You know, well - it is humane - and yes you are smart enough and you understand ... People, you know, if it goes on, we will see civil unrest in the country. I hate to admit it, but it is inevitable ».

9. According to one recent study, the percentage of married couples with children in the United States fell to 44, 4% in 1960 to 20, 2% today.

10. Recently in Atlanta two dozen teenagers attacked for no apparent reason in the train for two stewards airline Delta. Below is a description of the attack in a local newspaper of Atlanta.

Their sudden attack in the style of the book "A Clockwork Orange" (dystopian novel about a teenager Anthony Burgess-led gang violence, criminals and approaches to correct them; approx., ended shortly after its inception. Teens entered the train to the international airport Hartsfield-Jackson Garnett at the station when it was already a little past midnight, apparently with the intent to intimidate someone. And they succeeded.

"Everywhere there were traces of blood, cries and shrieks," - he told Channel 2 Action News eyewitness. - "We were very scared. Just horrified. People tried to flee. But there was nowhere to escape ».

11. Federal prosecutors Indianapolis announced that they have covered one of the largest groups of child pornography. It is located in Bloomington, Ind.

Really there was not a safe small town?

12. The chapter on food safety issues Barack Obama supports the armed raids on raw milk producers (including a raid on the Amish farmers (the Amish - a religious movement that originated as the most conservative trend in the Mennonite (a kind of Anabaptism), and then became a separate Protestant religious organization located in its infancy;)). He also stated that the Office of the Food and Drug Administration "will continue to do their work in public health».

13. In Florida, forty-five sheriff's deputy in Polk County was accused of tying children to the party and shlёpanii their sex toys.

14. Recently, in Sioux City, Iowa, sorokaodnoletny man came into the building, where he worked his boss and brutally beat him. He knocked the head of four teeth, as he now needs surgery on his nose. Apparently, the head of planning to fire this man.

15. In the twenty Oklahoma woman was charged with murdering his domestic cat and using her blood to create a suit that she was going to wear to the concert Lady Gaga.

16. Recently, McDonald's held a "national day of hiring," and about a million Americans across the country have come to apply for a job at McDonald's. In Cleveland between some girls she untied a terrible fight, and eventually moved to the three machine. You can watch a video of the incident. If you are sensitive to violence on the screen, do not watch this video.

17. For all the United States at an alarming rate terrible fights breaking out in a cafe. Many of them are taken and filled in for general viewing on YouTube. An example of this phenomenon can be seen here.

18. Across the country, "Robbery crowd" has become a trend, is of great concern.

What is this "robbery of the crowd»?

Typically, dozens of young people together burst into the store, take whatever they want, and "fly" out.

The video was filmed recent examples of this phenomenon in Washington, DC and Las Vegas.

Sad, but it will only get worse. And much worse.
The source here is the original, translated from the site Anastasia



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