Dream job: the hard truth about working for yourself

Not everyone turns to become an independent entrepreneur. Here what difficulties you will encounter.


When people are asked what they would call a dream job, many respond that they would like to be your own chief. Usually do not even matter about what field of activity in question: the main thing that no more of you not commanded. According to studies, millions of people around the world gather in the near future, cease to be employed. However, you can be sure that not all of them will succeed.

And this is understandable. Single formula for success here and there, and not everyone turns to become an independent entrepreneur. The hardest thing here to realize your dreams of working for yourself in a tangible (and preferably successful) reality.

Here's what you will face:


1. Be prepared for the fact that it will be different than you expect.

Perhaps the first lesson you will learn the most independent of entrepreneurs, the most difficult: the job of your dreams, whatever it was, would require huge amounts of effort and in the end, most likely, will be not what you expected at first.

You will have to overcome the fatigue from making decisions when you have to make one choice after another, not having the experience and necessary information. You will learn how to prioritize, appreciate and, equally important, to assess its performance.

In addition — and this circumstance will probably be for you to oppress hardest — is one of the chief (myself), you'll have several, because each client will have their own needs and requirements.

You will meet with a paradox: if you are in control of all working processes, you will be completely free in their actions and bound hand and foot.

And when will evaporate the euphoria of the that you more no commands, you may start to think that he made a mistake.

The experience that you have acquired, becoming the expert in your field, does not mean that you have the skills required to run a business. Learning all these new things, you most likely will feel that you lack the skills. This can lead to thoughts about what is taken burden for you, and if you're not careful, all the initiatives will go to pieces. Remember that this anxiety is perfectly natural and will fade with time.

However, in order to cope with these difficulties, you have to admit that now, when you really opened your business, it does not seem to you a dream job. But you still like.

Most independent entrepreneurs who have mastered the skills needed to work on himself, saying that would never trade it for any other occupation.


2. Save money and be prepared for the fact that the path to success will not be smooth.

It will take some time before that you wanted to do, it will bring a stable income. With the first clients and projects can be difficult. You should always have money in reserve. To pay on loans is vital, but in fact for self-employed is even more important to have some money on hand.

Paradoxically, the fact. Of course, it is best not to have debts, but this is not always practical. If your Bank account has some money, do you have a feeling of hopelessness and you are not obliged to grasp at the first available opportunity.

Soon after you open your business, you will understand: in order to stand stronger on their feet, you will have to pay the loans longer than we would like. Money in the account will make your position more secure. They will help to cope with the natural difficulties, which are inevitable in the initial stages of any business. Thanks to them you will not have to frantically search for jobs on the Internet.


3. Benefit from their skills and strengths.

Aspiring entrepreneurs are often not thinking in advance that all concerns, including profits, will fall solely on their shoulders. For many, the art of sales is a brand-new occupation. The first customers, it is usually easy to find among his acquaintances, but when this source runs out, you will have to decide what to do next: go to a business meeting, choose the right marketing strategy and start blogging or doing all at the same time.

If you, as a beginner, will try different methods of doing business, it is easy and straining. Although there are some shared models of how to succeed in business, the choice of a particular strategy depends on personality type. So think about which method best suits you, and choose a promotion strategy based on their strengths.

On the same principle act and in other situations. Know your strengths and know how to use them, including where they have not been claimed. Automate or give to outsource all the tasks that you are not so good, for example, scheduling, website development, or writing advertising copy.

From the fact that the success or failure of your business depends on you, does not mean that you have to personally cope with all tasks.

4. Take the time to re-learn.

The typical situation is: you left the job, deciding to open his own business, and suddenly surprised to discover that sitting at home and don't know where to start.

If you for the first time become the master of yourself, and you need to create for themselves a system of rules, it is likely that this task will be very difficult. Only then will you begin to understand just how much your habits and style of work depended on other people.

Fixed working hours from 9 to 18 — a legacy of the industrial revolution, which meets the needs of the business at the plant or factory, but in the realities of the XXI century such a schedule is not always effective. Habits formed you in the same place of work, not necessarily will help you to succeed when you radically change your lifestyle.

To get used to the new operating mode with the switched off autopilot,constantly ask yourself the following four questions. There is nothing wrong, if the answers to them will change. It is important to gradually get used to the new, independent man himself:

1. How do you work best: for short periods throughout the day or long periods without breaks in a certain time?

2. Do you work best in complete silence or at a table in a cafe?

3. Do you need to go to the office or are you disciplined enough to work from home, not distracted by extraneous things?

4. What hurts you the most?


And, most importantly, do not be discouraged if the work itself isn't quite like you had hoped. Our expectations from "dream works" is usually so high that some disappointment is inevitable. But to get depressed because this is not necessary.


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When you understand what are your strengths and how to make maximum use of them, everything will be like you dreamed, and you don't want anything else.published

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