Oasis — drone city menelectronic

Swiss company Rinspeed has unveiled a new concept car Oasis. Double car electric are designed for small private passenger and courier services, but its main feature is autonomy. So far, the creators did not disclose details, but hinted at a resemblance to miniature drones Google.
The developers compare Oasis with the automotive version of the robot R2-D2 from "Star wars." Double electric car can serve as a companion during a short city trips. Also the creators said that unlike drones, Google car from Rinspeed will have several other functions and not just autonomy.

Despite the presence of the autopilot, the car is fitted with multifunction steering wheel. On the roof is a solar panel, and Windows can act as screens for the projection of images in virtual and augmented reality. Salon Oasis embodies the concept of modern family living — oasis in the external world (hence the name of the concept car). To this end, the salon has armchairs, TV, small table and even imitation grass. The car can be rotated on its axis and different maneuverability.

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Oasis is not just for private urban travel, but also for small courier services like pizza delivery. Specially for this purpose at the rear of minimobile installed compartment with climate control.

Yet the Swiss company did not disclose the detailed features of Oasis. It is expected that details will be announced at the consumer electronics show CES in January 2017.

Miniature electric cars have become a real trend among many companies — both newcomers and well-known. In early October, Honda has introduced a miniature electric car printed on a 3D printer body parts. Is it the same as Oasis designed for private transportation and delivery services. Minimobile on electric also presented the Dutch startup Amber Mobility, a Czech company 4ekolka and Danish Spiri.

Previously, "high-Tech" wrote a three-wheeled urban electric cars EV3 Morgan and Solo from canadian startup Electra Meccanica. Because of their small size these machines do not require much space for Parking, maneuvering well in the flow of city traffic and quickly charged. The main disadvantage is a small reserve, so minimobile are only suitable for short trips in the city or even district. published


Source: hightech.fm/2016/10/10/rinspeed


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