Honda introduced printed menelectronic

Honda put together a new electric car based on the platform Design Variable, presented earlier at the Paris motor show. It allows the owners to customize your vehicle and choose the features and functionality which will be useful for short urban trips. Low ground clearance for a comfortable fit elderly passengers, a cargo compartment for Express delivery or larger space in the cabin for a family trip — here are just a few scenarios, customization of miniature vehicles.

For presentation at CEATEC 2016 the company printed on a 3D printer for body parts, and in the development of the framework involved experts of Honda, which are motorcycles. Firm Kabuku adorned the rear door and the car seat patterns.


In 3D printing components for cars is not surprising. Local Motors is preparing to release the Strati printed and created on a 3D printer Czech concept car 4ekolka already undergoing testing on public roads of Prague. Most of these vehicles are small in size and low speed, so it is best suited for short city trips. The machine does not require much space for Parking, and electric car will not have long to charge it. Used in the production of 3D printing allows to produce cars faster and cheaper than ever before. Exit the stage with such major automaker as Honda promises a more noticeable development of technologies in this field.



Recently, the company began to explore innovative approaches to the development and production of cars. In the summer the Japanese Corporation introduced the world's first engine for a hybrid vehicle, which do not contain rare earth heavy metals. In September, Honda has patented a system supertree for motorists, which will help to avoid accidents. published





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