15 life-affirming films for a long weekend

Very soon we are waiting for a wonderful weekend: someone will go with the family out of town, someone will wave in the hot edges, and many go to the cottages and gardens

. But for those who are on holidays in May remains at home, Website to prepare an excellent kinopodborku mental movies, to which the output fly by.

Fastest Indian The World's Fastest Indian

Burt Munro spent decades of his life to the embodiment of his dream - to re-equip his old motorcycle racing car to set speed records. The brilliant play of the magnificent Anthony Hopkins in conjunction with an interesting plot simply can not remain indifferent to any true film fans.

Straight Story The Straight Story

Semidesyatitrehletny Alvin Straight learns that his brother, with whom he had no contact for many years, suffered a stroke. At Alvin no driver's license, so he decided on a very adventurous act: the old man buys a lawn mower and sent to her in the street in a few states. His random roadside waiting for love, help the good people, and finally meeting with his brother.

Coach Carter

Coach Carter

This film is based on true events, it tells the story of one extraordinary school basketball team and its outstanding coach. Ken Carter takes an unexpected decision for all: Coach prohibits players go on the field until they fix their grades in all subjects. Such an act has caused both the approval and sharp criticism.

The Way, Way Back The Way Way Back

Sadly, cheerful, light and refreshing as a sea breeze, the story of a difficult, but such an important period of maturation and transformation from a boy into a young man. By chance the young hero is arranged in the water park, which acquires new friends who help him to believe in themselves and deal with all the problems. Separate game deserves admiration Steve Carell, performing evil stepfather, and Sam Rockwell playing the mentor of the protagonist.

All the way! Everybody's Fine

After the death of his beloved wife, Frank decides to visit all their children, live in different states. During an impromptu trip home their offspring, he discovers the many unexpected and interesting about your family. The cast of the film in Robert De Niro's face, Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale and Sam Rockwell deserves special praise

Golden Hands Gifted Hands:. The Ben Carson Story

Ben Carson grew up without a father, did not shine in the study and had quite a temper. However, the boy's mother has always believed in his ability and his poddtalkivala to development. Thanks to the talent, diligence and endless support for the family, Ben has become one of the most prominent neurosurgeons America. This film teaches us to never give up - each of us can achieve their dreams if to try very hard

Bend It Like Beckham Bend It Like Beckham


Eighteen Jess enjoys football since childhood, but her family believes that a well-bred Indian girl ought not to drive the ball in the yard with the neighborhood boys. However, Jess sees football coach and takes her into a real women's team. The girl will have to collect all his bravery and courage to prove to everyone that she is worthy to achieve their dreams.

Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

On the eve of his birthday Alexander makes a wish that his family lived at least a day in his life, and finally realized how bad enough he has to. As a result, the next morning to everyone in the house Coopers starts to go awry. And how to live this nightmare day when his father appointed important interview, the daughter should speak at the premiere, and his son - to pass the driving test and become the king of the prom? This family comedy can cheer anyone.

Dreams Come True One chance

An incredible and moving story of the British guy who from the very childhood dream to become an opera singer. However, to realize their dreams in life it was only many years later, to apply for participation in the show "Britain's Got Talent." The film motivates the viewer never deviate from their dreams, even if everyone is against you.

Once in your life Begin again

Musician Greta is going through a difficult parting with her beloved boyfriend. A chance meeting in a bar with Dan - former director of the music label - abruptly changing the lives of women. Together they decide to record his own independent album. And though they have neither the money nor the musicians nor the instruments, they still do not despair and start to create. A recording studio for them to become all of New York

Love & Basketball Love & amp.; Basketball

Monica and Quincy met when were kids. Together they went to school, talking after school and played basketball. With age, their friendship grew into true love. However, the life of a helpless young people: Quincy goes into professional sport and forget about your girlfriend. A few years later fate again gives them a chance to start all over again. Surprisingly touching movie about true feelings will give viewers two o'clock pleasant viewing.

Wimbledon Wimbledon

Lizzie - a young star of American tennis. Peter - ending his career not very successful athlete who miraculously get the chance to play for the last time at the prestigious Wimbledon tournament. Lizzy and Peter live in different worlds, but in a few weeks, while there is a tournament, they miraculously converge and ears fall in love. Wonderful feeling to help the sportsman-loser to win every game and climb higher on the ladder of the tournament.

Fish of my dreams Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

The original title of the painting "Salmon fishing in Yemen" more accurately conveys the story of the films. The mysterious Arab sheikh offers Dr. Alfred Jones (played by Ewan McGregor charming) absurd from a scientific point of view, the idea - to organize sports competitions for salmon fishing in Yemen. Sincere, atmospheric, this movie, which is fascinating inexplicable magic from the first minute and does not let the viewer until the final credits.

Goal! Goal!

Santiago Munez - the usual Mexican immigrants, moonlighting gardener and barely making ends meet. But the young Santiago has a beautiful dream for which he is ready to make any sacrifice - the dream of becoming a professional footballer. Fate decreed that young man goes to England, where he is given a single chance to show what he can do. The film will appeal not only to football fans but also to all those who, like the protagonist, is able to dream.

Last Chance Harvey Last Chance Harvey

Harvey divorced and has not young. It is boring and unremarkable life, every day, which is similar to the previous one. But once at the airport, he meets a woman named Kate, with whom he had a great deal, despite the fact that they do not even know ... great acting duo of Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson gives special romanticism and elegance of this wonderful movie.

Photos on the preview: frame from the film "Last Chance Harvey┬╗

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