Post to Automobile Club in the branch to discuss the technical center.

post in the Automobile Club in the branch to discuss the technical center.

Good afternoon.

I want to serve you your car Lexus LS400 in 1995, but I have a few conditions and questions. Understand, car class and very cheap, so I would give it only to the place where it will be appreciated and with proper discounts / piety.

1. Under my car after parking are puddles of oils of different colors (black, red and brown). I have my oil of flowers, but I do not know how much to pour. I can be sure that your master is not otolet currently serving my oil?

2. I would like to install your own webcam in your workshop during maintenance of my car since heard that the image on the camera service often "substitute" static. Possible? From you only need to plug, the Ethernet cable is 100 meters, I have (this will be enough to lend a webcam, I have it wired, I heard the wireless signal can also substitute)?

3. On my machine has a little wear the driver's seat. If I sit down sharply at him, gradually diverges seam on the skin. Accordingly, if my car sits a full wizard, weighing more than 90 kg., Possible unintended damage to the upholstery. Tell me, can I be sure that the master will not be heavier than 90 kg. and if he still will dramatically goes down, what guarantees and compensation provided for in such a case? [next]

4. In my previous car (Daewoo Nexia), I have repeatedly been able to save money on air filters, I knocked them and vacuuming. Do you have a technical center in the vacuum cleaner, or have to take a?

5. From one of my wheels under braking at night seen sparks from the second not. Accordingly, I have to change the pads on one wheel. If I bring my kit for the wheels (two blocks) to continue a guarantee to work and whether it is on the brake disc?

6. Do you have any additional discounts for VIP-clients, owners of representative models of LS? I plan to serve you the car at least once a year and spend at least 3 thousand rubles.

6. If I would have commented on the quality of work, what compensation can I expect? For example, I'm interested in the full color of a car in case of being not considered in the acceptance act of chipping. Or replacement of the original interior part number in case of discrepancy seam further than the mark that I will master transmission cars. In addition, of course, material satisfaction for me is not important. I would like to personally apply offending any injury (depending on the degree of infraction), but unequivocal guarantee of the technical center, it would be safe for me.

7. After the service you plan to carry out an independent diagnostic work done in a very authoritative service. I warn you about this once, be honest, be aware!

8. Are there color copies of maps "Lexus Club"? I usually keep their homes (afraid to lose).

Sorry for the brief expression of thoughts, I would like to describe in greater detail their wishes, but so far only the basic zakonspektirovat. I still have a lot of technical issues (such as how much you will cost my brake discs perforation holes of 3 mm., Provided my drill?), But I voiced at the meeting. I'm going to come to you on Sunday, about 22-45, because I will meet on the occasion of the wife's mother at the train station in Savelovsky 22-30. Please do not hold me and take the car quickly, and provide me with an outlet for a laptop and a cot, and I hope you have a children's room and bath, as mother-in-law will be with the baby. At work I have until 8:05 on Monday.

Thanks in advance, with respect,
Your future customers!

P.S. I would be grateful for copies of all the certificates for your service, as well as the passports of persons who will attend the service in the period of service of my car. In a personal, pliz.




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