Chinese toys

Just now the godfather bought his daughter's birthday toy likeness laptop, inserted the card with the tasks
and select the correct answer to the spoken instructions. All gone, I decided to try to sit dotsey wonderful toy,
I was in such a ...
destve Well, took a little chest, hung on a couple of cards, until I saw the help button =)
Anyway, as they say, close to the body ...

Picture №1
harmless communication between people, older sister talking with the teacher, aunt and younger brother, grandfather to the driver
(By the way, my grandfather pepper hike hike some fucking). Dad problem, apparently his mother podzaebala,
so the actual doctor. Mom, meanwhile, do not lose time, and actively tryndit farmer apparently had a radish ripe
In short, I xs (your options). The older brother, meanwhile, gives MC working, apparently, he presides in the family.
Grandma also mocks policeman, well, or the police calls in phone sex (your choice). Well traveled, go ahead

6 pictures will

Picture №2
hovered slightly (see the combination "took a bit on the chest"), question was "Where a cockroach?».
That is serious, the text of the first paid no attention, but then had to read. Understand what their kitchens crawling
not cockroaches, what they click, hard to imagine =) Cockroaches have long been on the shelves as a delicacy

Picture №3
good beer - beer unit, according to the Chinese. Citizens who do not purchase beer bent banks !!!
apparently loaders fucking fast they =)
a third did not know what was going on there =)

Picture №4
very nice =) Well, such a fashion in China, writers or just perverts.

Image №5
hot guy. "The incident, do not skimp, buy the painting» ©
Racism apparently not all right in China

picture №6
citizens, somebody realized where the southern, northern and where ??? Based on what they have done such a conclusion?
As I explained to your child is ???
By the way, at the right picture full of guys all laugh at the sight slim =)

160 cards, all not mastered, but I think waiting for much more interesting, chose to your opinion.
Thank you, the post author.



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