Interactive toys for kids: pros and cons

The toy is not only a way to amuse the baby, but also a powerful tool for its development. Children of preschool age most of their time in the game. It is very important to choose a toy that would not only be interesting for the child, but also helped develop it. All the characters are children's toys can not only be similar to the favorites from the cartoons, but also be able to emit their characteristic sounds. Such toys are called interactive. What are the pros and cons?

As an interactive toy develops baby?

Interactive toy more interesting to a child than an ordinary Teddy bear, because she can cry, laugh and even tell stories. Some modern toy models able to repeat it.

Here are several advantages of these unusual characters:

1.They can help the child in the knowledge of the world. Toy can learn to count, develop it, and even learn the basics of a foreign language.

2.It is a good tool for the development of logic. For example, the child will understand that if she puts a doll that will cry if you take on hands, the doll will calm down. Thus, it is possible to develop the baby the concept of causality.

3.Interactive toys help the child in organizing role-play games. Changing diapers, bathing and changing clothes of a doll, the child learns to care for others and later will be no less gentle with young children.

Still we should not exaggerate the advantages of interactive toys. Of course, they are good, but you need to use them in moderation. No toy is no substitute for good communication with parents, playing with talking cats and dogs, your child will become a genius. Need during the day to alternate games with adults and fun with interactive toys.

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