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Since this psto unwittingly caught myself thinking that the fast time flies. And the younger generation of Tomsk citizens need to explain, "but who he is, this is your Uncle Nick?". Explain - a man who became a legend of Tomsk, which was not at the end of July 2011, on which there is a monument to fundraising (including via this website).
Toponymy Tomsk general thing in itself strange. The central street named after Lenin, who did not happen here. The city is literally littered with names in honor of the people who were here only flashed for Tomsk nothing special and did not. And for those - who have done once and place is left, then once, it is not up to that, then there is no money. That's just all go and do not notice such a long time not a burning light bulb over the grave of the white Makushina Lake (and it in fact even in the Great Patriotic not died out). Well, but we are planning to erect a monument to the Beatles, that of Tomsk and probably have not heard. Even the founders of Tomsk and the immortalized on his map, God forbid that in the form of some provincial streets. But here we do not know. Just the time has come to put a monument to one of those for Tomsk really did much. It should not be able to put it in the closet, then safely forgotten, and to take and to erect a monument to the wonderful man - Nicholas Platonovich Putintsev!
However, as it is officially not many people know, for the residents of Tomsk he will always be "Uncle Nick." Tomsk general has given the world many famous people, and the glory of the case which resounded far beyond its borders. But who personally knew the ordinary citizens? Engineers, scientists, writers ... Yegor Kuzmich Ligachev? For the majority of these were some people who somewhere. But standing on the main street sentry knew face almost the entire city. And no wonder, for almost forty years of service in one place. It's not even sit in a warm office is not easy, and Uncle Kolya spent them on the street, at his post. Having had time to become a part of Tomsk for many of its residents and visitors. He knew and loved his city and his work, enjoyed a great reputation and respect among both drivers and pedestrians. And even if someone scolded and punished, I always did it creatively, to make offenders aware and not to do it. [Next]
Over the years, the rapidly flowing life. There were changes in the heads of the city and the region. Rose through the ranks of the young police lieutenant. Uncle Kolya still carried and carried his service. And it seemed that it would be forever. But the years take their, first Uncle Kolya was carried out on a pension, and in July 2011, and in the other world. And no more at Tomsk one of the thousands of particles that make it different from the other. But it is impossible to Tomsk without Uncle Kolya, he should at least cast in bronze regain his post, now I forever! Here it is engaged and our initiative group.
And this site is intended to be a place where you can get all the information about the project.
At the moment, there is a basic discussion of the topic here in this place. Leads him head of the initiative group of Andrei Gromov. Soon we will make that opportunity here. In fact, the idea is now to implement only need to finance the development and manufacture of the monument. Active interest in the project by the leaders of the city and the police department has leadership. The fundraising has agreed to help the Council of Veterans of Internal Affairs by providing your account
Why do you need to raise funds, not the interest of a rich uncle or a sponsor to work with the budget? Because in the world there are things you need to do just as convenient to not have other options. And it's not even that sponsors are strange tastes and there are monuments of drunken violin (in exactly near post Uncle Kolya). Just this monument must be a symbol of the people's love, and this is necessary, or do the people's money to do, or not do at all.
A report on the collection and expenditure of funds, discussion of the draft of the monument and many more will be on the site. Follow the news.
In the design of the site used hats fragment Valeria Larina photos taken here. This is one of the places where the most you could see Uncle Kolya the post.

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