About 4D in Moscow

But I'll tell you about how the Alpha Bank made a gift to the Moscow City Day. As the sealed cardboard box dormitory residents as threatened by the inclusion of light in our rooms and how crushed each other tens of thousands of people trying to squeeze through a metal detector at an event with free entry.

The gift was a 4D-show with projection on the main building of Moscow State University. And there, so you know, in the "wings" of the building housing dormitories are located. Thus, Alfa Bank planned to arrange the show directly on the windows of premises late at night on weekends. Tenants, of course, do not ask.

A week before the City Day to students who live windows on the observation deck, began to come into the room and seal the windows with cardboard. If the student was not at home - they come without them, opening the door with the key administrator. Here you go back home at night, and there on cardboard boxes. And sometimes even the leaves are glued, they say, sorry for the inconvenience, this is only for a week.

Cardboard needed to rehearse the show, so that the light from the windows was not visible from the outside. And rip it was a more expensive: a week, every day until midnight in the window hit the spotlight in all colors of the rainbow. And play music. Loud. You might also like until late at night every day to listen to the chorus of slaves from the opera "Prince Igor"? And if you have the entrance exams to graduate school? I wonder, would have liked this leadership Alfa Bank?

Affected tenants gifts to invitations to the place closest to the stage. Apparently, according to Alfa Bank is adequate to bribe the poor students for the week of cardboard and music. All the other windows on the other side, listening to the chorus of slaves generally free.

On Day X, that is, September 4 from tenants need to close windows and turn off the lights between 21:00 and 00:00. And it is better to get out of the room to watch a unique show (tm). For those who do not obey, immediately knocking people with walkie-talkies and reasonable "by what right" demanded light still shut down, "and it will be worse." What could be worse - God knows, but since the students came into the room without their knowledge, then this event was the god agreed.

And best of all: free admission. According to news agencies, citing "a source in law enforcement bodiesĀ», 4D show looked 600 thousand people. The vast majority of spectators came to the common area with free entry. And what an entrance in Moscow? That's right, a metal detector. As a rule, no more than three pieces in the tens of thousands.

Yes, I was there. When we realized that it is better to turn around and go home, it was too late: the crowd swayed, pressed, and in no way, even more so ago, it was impossible to escape. Fences were demolished several times, staggered frame, and police, who were genuinely sorry and tried to prop up their hands and backs. When the fence fell, the crowd howling mad lomilas forward. People in the crush prayed, wept. The thought in my head was one main thing - do not fall off ...
Eventually compassionate sergeant helped me to climb over the fence. But my friend policeman literally dragged through the frame for shkvarnik not to crush. But then it was no better crowd was everywhere, so we decided to take out his legs. We climbed the hill to the waterfront and walked to the subway, "Sport", because "Sparrow Hills" were closed at the input. And the name of us, was disappointed in the show even before it started, it was Legion.

I think that the organizers of the event with his conduct failed. And as all the above are unlikely to tell the news, I suggest the census.

It can not be so rude to treat people.




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