Baked onto the wheel?

Many have long pereobulsya, but someone can be very helpful ... in the spring, for example.
What if baked onto discs and wheels are removed hell?

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The day Tyre handling.
In other regular alloy wheels on the Ford Focus II - all staff is good, but too well, and they sit tight. Winter tires on stamping - thought to throw in the yard, while the others stand for 12 hours in line for the tire, but here and found the hat ...

Digging in internets revealed that many cases like, and they advise the following options:

1. Ёbnut anything.
2. Ёbnut wooden drin.
3. Ёbnut drin from a different material.
4. Ёbnut sledgehammer.
5. Ёbnut grease / vinegar / mayonnaise blah blah otkisnet type
6. Ёbnut vodka.
7. Lift the car on two jacks, twist the nuts on the wheels, start the car and scroll wheel up to 3,000 RPM ... and then brake sharply
8. Ride tire (CEP)

Since steps 1 through 7 were either useless or were difficult to implement in the absence of the pit / lift and go to the tire was unreal (Time + Are you ready to entrust some person eboshit on disks with a sledgehammer), after several unsuccessful attempts, the brain started generate ideas ... and very soon found a solution

We need:
1. Jack and Cross wrench
2. Grease. Any suitable ... WD, anal lubricant, vegetable oil - by your imagination.
3. Compressor car.
and most importantly ...
4. Basketball ball (with a needle for the swap ... often sold bundled with the ball, and is complete with a motor vehicle compressors)

2. Raise the car on a jack. To throw off all the nuts.

3. The opening of the ball insert the needle to inflate and deflate completely blown away by it ... and take out the needle, so that it is not gaining air.

4. Next, move on to the important process - samzka. We used conventional silicone lubricant in the cartridge, will approach anything.

5. Liberally grease. What for? In order to properly push deflated ball between the brake disc and the rim. Without lubrication tire it will be difficult to win, but a well-oiled ball can push with one hand. Folds flat ball and grease.

6. stuffed

7. Approximately

8. pushes thinking up so that the hole for the swap is left outside

9. Insert the needle

10. Connect and fix the compressor hose and start to swing ... about 3 atmospheres ... If the tire pressure does not begin to withdraw itself, the slight kick of the tires to finish the job.
As the pumping the ball starts to change its geometry and a hose with a needle can rest against the drive - it can lead to what will leave the air and anything good you did not dobёtes so periodically turn off the compressor to listen, not too much has vented ... if the air is too far away, it is best to deflate the ball and turn it as something to avoid repetition.

11. ...

12. PROFIT !!!




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