Four days in Chechnya.

46 Special Brigade operative purpose or four days in Chechnya.

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In early November, the 46th separate brigade operative purpose (dropped) from the chief concern was visited by a delegation of the Moscow region.
The delegation included representatives of the 19 municipalities of the Moscow region and the members of the All-Russian public organization of veterans "Combat Brotherhood».
The reason for the next meeting of the chiefs of the suburbs with the staff of the 46th dropped was the 11th anniversary of the formation of teams.
From the very beginning of this combat brigade of the military unit and its individual divisions have taken patronage Moscow region and "Fighting brotherhood».
In 2000, at the site of the current deployment of a brigade near the Grozny airport "North", has gone local fights. Throughout the district, there is not one structure, suitable for living and accommodation of personnel. Therefore, the soldiers were placed in army tents, performed combat tasks in parallel and adjusted their way of life. And then the Governor of Moscow Region Boris Gromov was decided to provide mentoring 46th dropped.

2. Early in the morning of 31 October 2011, 70 veterans, artists and journalists, arrived at the military airfield to go to the Chechen Republic.

3. loading military transport Il-76MD.

4. Georgia is not only gifts to the soldiers, but also enemies.

5.Transportny Il-76MD cargo scored the eyeballs.



8. The plane is ready for takeoff. Mozdok takes. Last roll before landing.


10. Place Suite military transport plane ...)))

11. The first people we met at the airport in Mozdok were local dogs.

12. Upon arrival in Mozdok, representatives of the municipal districts of the Moscow region have parted on the sponsored entities to deliver personally brought gifts and awards from VOOV "Combat Brotherhood" fighters connection. Grozny, Gudermes, Urus-Martan village Shelkovskaya, and scarlet, and Naurskaya - geography dislocation of individual units of the 46th Brigade extensive.

13. Heads of delegations, artists and journalists had to go to Grozny on turntables.
The rest of the delegates went to load the column.

14. - Loading completed, moved a step gas,
Hardly tear off the car ...

15. Chechnya.

16. transport and combat helicopter Mi-8 workhorse of the war.

17. Mi-8 except for transport tasks can also be used to transport landing forces, to evacuate the wounded from the battlefield, in support of ground troops. It has proven itself in military conflicts.

18. Our house. We stayed three nights.

19. Early in the morning of November 1, the veterans raised over part of the banner of "fighting brotherhood."

20. Building before the event.

21. According to its quality and combat composition of the 46th Brigade of today is considered a unique connection not only in the Russian Interior Ministry troops, but also among the army units. North Caucasian District MIA of Russia, which includes a team, today is not only the most numerous in the interior troops, but the most belligerent.

22. The commander of the UGA © WHO to conduct on the territory of the Russian Federation TFR - first deputy commander of the North Caucasian regional command of the Russian Interior Troops, Lieutenant-General Sergey Malikov.

23. During the 11 years of existence, more than 480 soldiers were awarded the team of state and government awards for courage and heroism.

24. Lieutenant General Sergey Malikov, the deputy of the State Duma, First Deputy Chairman VOOV "Combat Brotherhood" Dmytro Sablin, commander of the Major-General Alexei Horuzhin, a member of parliament of the Chechen Republic, General Ibrahim Suleimenov Abdurahmanovich. Congratulated soldiers with the 11th anniversary.

25. Upon completion of the guests were shown the grand defile a military band, a theatrical performance of the ensemble Garrison Officers' House connections, creativity children's groups - preschool children attending kindergarten "Asterisk" and pupils of military-patriotic club "Bars".

26. The solemn passage.

27. The brigade are only contracted.



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