Chechnya and not only through the eyes of Dmitry Belyakov (31 photos)

Dmitry Belyakov works as a photographer for 11 years. Five years working news photographer under contract with the agency's largest photo service of economic and business news Bloomberg News. Covered the events in Chechnya.

1. the ruined streets of the world after 22 weeks of heavy bombing. Chechnya, Grozny, February 2, 2000.

2. Abkhazia, Tkuarchal bridge over the river Galidzga. May 2008.

3. Gorge Zarafshan, Tajikistan, November 2002.

4. Gorge Zarafshan, Tajikistan, November 2002.

5. The steel plant, Zaporozhye, Ukraine, June 2005.


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