Kamchatka: on a lava field Avacha (25 photos)

It is only from a distance looks peaked volcano cone on the sky. In fact, its top is a pretty wide field. Lava field on which we walk today ...

1. Although the word "walk" does not quite fit. You have to navigate between huge bulyganov or jump from one to the other.

2. All would be nothing if it were not for the asphyxiating poisonous vapors escaping from the earth.

3. But for other forms of life such as lichens, or- hell knows who they are! - Living conditions very acceptable. Stones covered with multi-colored patina of the public organisms.

4. There, on the edge of the lava field, on the crest of a few people, but soon began to get dark, they went down and I was left alone.


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