Churkin burns not childish. The headquarters of the US Embassy, ​​snipers, etc.

< Here is a small excerpt from a speech today Churkin at the UN General Assembly. Score more air:

"Crimeans never reconciled to his fate, openly demonstrating sympathy for Russia. Their patience is exhausted on the background of a deep political crisis that engulfed Ukraine. Crisis, largely triggered by opportunistic action of external forces, set out to break the age-old ties that connect Russia and Ukraine, Kiev putting a false choice: either the European Union, the West - or Russia. Moreover, this policy was carried out with unprecedented impudence. Sign an association agreement with the European Union on the Ukrainian leadership demanded under threat of sanctions. In the ranks of anti-government protesters marched openly ministers and other officials from the EU and the US. They speak from the podium with provocative slogans of anti-government actions. The central area of ​​the city - the Maidan has been transformed into a paramilitary camp. Well-trained and equipped militias carried out violent attacks on security forces, seized government buildings. In one of them - the House of Trade Unions - was organized by the so-called "commandant" of the Maidan, and on the seventh floor of the building is constantly acted headquarters of the US Embassy. By the way, this building was carried out simultaneously sniping and representatives of law enforcement, and on the demonstrators, apparently aimed at provoking force regime change. »

< Well, and so on and so forth. World Fantasy quietly rejoice.
if you want to read the entire text of a masterpiece:


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