How do Adygei cheese

Not all the inhabitants of our country know where Adygea. But Adygei cheese known and loved even Losers geography. And, of course, came to the republic, I just could not visit the cheese factory.

1. It all started in the market in Maikop. Having bought a couple of "braids" I became rasprashivat cheese sellers, which make cheese in the country.
 - "A lot of where, but most of all in the village Dondukovskaya».
There I went, remembering that on the packaging of cheese Cecilia, I bought back in Moscow, and in fact was a town with this name.

2. The village itself is no different from hundreds of others, and if you just pass it by, never guess what this village - the capital of Adygei cheese making. In small markets, I decided to find out from local grandmothers, where exactly is the cheese factory.

 - Yes, all do, Milan. But who do you say? The secret of this. You can look for yourself who the gateway to the wealthier homes.

Realizing that his grandmother does not cook the cheese, I turned to the man who drove up to the area on the Gazelle with cans.

 - Well, where do much. But almost all are doing it illegally, or are simply afraid of inspections cheese business here "Nightmare" sour. The only ones who remained afloat - large factories in their country just a few, and in this area the only one in the neighboring village Giaginskaya.

But the plant does not get it, because everything is very strict and secret. Production is divided into zones, and a work area does not have a right to smoke, even to go to the next. And these areas almost enclosed by barbed wire - that told me occasional counter-named Alex.

 - "Well, I see you have a room in Moscow, you are probably not the police. Listen here, my brother is engaged in cheese, I could call and ask him. But mind you, this is a long process, takes a whole day. Are you willing to wait? »

For cheese, I was ready for anything, so Alexei exchanged phone numbers, just in case, and decided to try to "break" on the secret plant for the production of Adygei cheese.

3. Twenty minutes later I was in the village Giaginskaya, and an hour later filmed cheese. Agreeing was easy: come, explained who I was and why I need to take pictures of cheese, and the staff of the marketing department with pleasure held for me a tour of the "secret" production.

4. In fact, all the secrets hidden behind the door of the vat. From the receiving department where cow's milk delivered by pipeline to the serum, consisting of pasteurized milk, some additives and salt.

5. Employees of the plant are gaining substance in a colander.

6. It is still half-liquid, but not enough to "leak" through the holes of the bucket.

7. Then, the excess water is drained.

8. curd sprinkled with salt.

9. clean "dry" on special racks.

10. Fifteen minutes later, the cheese must be turned and left in the racks for 15 minutes.



13. I am very pleased with these colorful woks!

14. Once the cheese cools and hardens, it is sent to the workshop package and woks - the sink.


16. Here, head cheese cut into four parts.


18. Manually laid on the packages.

19. Special car cleans the air from the package and seals them.

20. packets Adygei cheese paste labels.

21. And then weighed and laid in boxes. All Adygei cheese ready to be shipped to the store

22. I myself am not very fond of this cheese, it seems to me insipid. So I went to another shop next door.

23. It is called the shop suluguni though doing here is not only him, but also all sorts of other smoked cheeses: Cecilia, pigtail. Many also called the Adygei cheese, but in fact they are not so "real" Adyghe is what we saw in the previous room: round, sweet, almost curd cheese.

24. But the smoked cheese - it's just a dream! Let's see in silence as his doing? The technology is similar to the production of Adygei, and the picture is quite clear.






30. Smokehouse





35. The packaging process is also very simple.



37. I can not understand one thing: why such small portions?



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