Many years ago, Leonid Yakubovich, then no-one is not particularly well-known entertainers small poshiba, came to the Institute of proctology conduct a concert in honor of some praznikov. Yakubovich stood on the stage, paramedics were talking quite loudly among themselves and did not pay any attention to him. It was necessary to break the situation.
 - Please tell me it's Institute of proctology? - He said from the scene.
 - Yes, Institute of proctology - there was a few discordant voices.
 - And all that sat here are directly related to the proctologist?
 - Yes, yes, of course - a chorus of voices became more friendly, people began to die down and listen.
 - And all that sat here doctors - proctology?
 - Yes, - together breathed room.
 - And anything that I'm the person to you?

Hall went to the concert was a great success!


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