I am going on the glorious city of Leningrad Tsimbalina turn to the street, so I turned to her and just in front of the bus stood at the bus stop (no pockets), so I did not hesitate crossed solid but I was not the only one with such a well received 3 more people. And then behind flashers ... Like drove forward, but in a pocket before the bridge all braked (gorgeous place is chosen, the fish so to speak), and began the classic milking. In turn, I was the last. To trade long, I rested on the financial difficulties and fucking layout together with a conscience gaytsov. Conscience they did not have, by definition, and in the back seat nine, I had to part with 5 tons rubles. I mean put them under a folder theirs took the documents very quickly from there ... And all washed away by the fact that the bill was written on the bank ticket jokes So the question is kosher if I did?



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