About Bulgaria through the eyes of Russians

1. The Bulgarians are very tolerant and friendly to foreigners. For Russian, as well. Almost all middle-aged and older (who graduated from high school at least until 1985-90.) Understands Russian and can speak 2-3 sentences.

2. Tolerance and to the English language. The younger generation is normal or excellent command of English.

3. General secondary education - 7 grades. After this national examination, such as the Russian exam: mathematics and language. Then profiled gymnasium. The 8-mklasse gimnaziynogo education in all educational establishments are taught in English and mainly 2-mmeste other subjects. Looking at the profile of the gymnasium.

4. Admission to the school, as well as to college / university is done by rotating your assessment on the subject. Fills the list with the desires, in descending order. Then some tomashina banishes these lists hungry and distributes the entire mass of students in that year according to the gradation of their desires and availability in schools. You can apply several ultrasound simultaneously. (While glued to the system - the brains boil).

5. Prom need to celebrate a very gorgeous. The more expensive the car outfit and uvozyaschih you out of his father's house - the steeper. Pope with his mother to be the day to convene all their relatives to him. Even the most ancient grandmothers of the "mountain villages". And cry ...

6. Favourite alcoholic drink in 40 rev - brandy. Sometimes grape, plum, Grushovaya, apricot. The most noble-popular brand "Burgas 63". Rakia - ennobled brew. Adopted in the village cook for themselves for the winter. To do this, each time the village council has a public moonshine. Capacity, which paid for the use of banknotes.

7. At the 2nd place of Mastic. It anisette. To drink with ayran - diluted with water yogurt with salt. (Mastic, for me - so rare stuff! Everyone - his own).

8. Young people drinking all carrot: vodka, whiskey, tequila. Older people - whiskey. Cognac is very difficult to find. Basically, "Remy Martan" (If only they had washed their barrels from the mold. No comparison is not with the Moldovan and Armenian.)

9. Evening Standard laborers: Shopska salad at the table, brandy and football on TV. For the main course of pork with cabbage. On sober - soup of pork intestines: shkembe chorba.

10. Evening Standard urban intelligentsia: / beer / vodka / whiskey in quarterly cafe. The owner usually knows all visitors and their history. During the day there are going to moms with strollers coffee. In the evening usually discussed poor governance and politics. There's also a small shop and to all necessary: ​​from bread to laundry detergent.

11. Coffee. The national drink. Normally in the morning to go to the same quarter in the cafe and buy plastic cup of coffee prepared in espresso machine. Bring it home or have there on the bench with a cigarette. As is normal to take this cup with a car / minibus / total. transport and drink driving to work. The process begins with kofepitiya 7 - 7:30 am.

12. Having come to work normally drink coffee with colleagues within 1-2 hours discussing privacy or task for the day. No matter how urgent or important work there for the day. Often drink coffee and Coke.

13. If an office worker, then lunch - is sacred. From 2-3 hblyud. Mass - salty sticks, crackers or nuts. On the way home a loaf or a fine meal banichku.

14. Standard Breakfast / fastfood - banitsa / banichka (pastry dough sheet with cream cheese, feta cheese, spinach and so on.) + Kiselev mlyako (thick yogurt) or Bosa (a drink made from fermented lentils).

On Christmas Day preparing banitsa with surprises. The cakes are placed coins, notes or other. Items. According to him wondering what's waiting for you in the coming year. Christmas is now celebrated with Catholic Europe - 25 January.

15. The second national holiday - St. George's Day - May 6th. As a rule, combined with the output. In these days of leave taken by a village family and bake a whole lamb or goat stuffed with rice and tripe. Delicious. And these days in the capital and other major cities is very free of people and cars. Silence.

16. Once the national fast food is grilled meat and semi-finished on the grill. It sausages or patties of minced meat. In general, all kinds of meat products on the grid. They are often served as a hot dog in a bun with sauces and salads. Very tasty, especially in provincial towns and villages, where the owner watching his reputation. At stations it is better not to eat. Rubbish.

17. For all their tolerance, Bulgarians do not like criticism from foreigners. Even when he expresses it carefully. Not to offend a child. Norma good education is when all the praise. The answer, of course, praise thee. "Cuckoo praises the cock, because he praises the cuckoo».

18. Children can be almost anything. In contrast to the Russian wife, who looks more than her husband, a Bulgarian - he is looking for the child. Her husband - the auxiliary power. And operated on all counts. There is one familiar to a family where the father breaks from work to reheat and serve lunch 15-17- year old children of. Because they are still children and do not know how to use an electric stove. And suddenly forget to switch off?

19. The hypocrisy and envy everywhere. Especially in the provinces. Norma, if the neighbor to get hold of money and having bought a car or something, it may be in partial isolation. With him stop talking very bitter.

0. floss - also almost the norm. Many married women do not feel full if they do not have at least one lover. Quote of communication girlfriends. One Polish and one Bulgarian. Polka: "I know that we, the Polish woman - a whore, but you, Bulgarians, have surpassed!" The men are not far behind. They say the massive consumption of peppers and cheese is very conducive.

21. Many men fuck sex adventure with the Russian - about how to earn a trophy at Wimbledon.

22. If Bulgaria from you need something - he "eats under your skin." He becomes your best friend, care, help, lends money with the words you give when you can, I do not burn. It pays for you in institutions. But all this - only until such time as he gets his desired service object or something where it was necessary. After this point, quickly collected "leisurely" debt. He is always busy with a plausible excuse. Contact breaks as soon as possible. Do not get fooled.

23. Along with all this you will never point out what you are saying is wrong in Bulgarian. Or do not say it. Or act like something is wrong. This is not accepted in polite society. At the same time, very surprised when they possess good language. Or why Russian, living in Bulgaria for more than 10 years and not learn the language. There are those, yes.

24. When you realize that you are Russian, just ask - where? The following standard phrase about how they went at this region in some there was a tour. And they liked it. Apparently, this is also a kind of polite nod.

25. Do they not want to be a 16-yrespublikoy USSR. Bulgarians are by nature very sharpness very well and know how to take your money. Todor Zhivkov very well enjoyed the USSR as a cash cow.

26. Gypsies - a real headache. They live in their districts. Almost ghetto. Few of them working under an employment contract. In general, they live in some cottage. Without facilities, light and sewers. Living is usually due to social assistance. Which, in turn, paid out of his pocket the rest of the working population. Mass connected to the grid illegally. Because of this, the power company endured distribution plates on poles at 2-3 metrovuyuvysotu wherever buildings on the ground. The block houses digital counters. Normally in the capital in the midst of the busy highway trail for gypsy wagon, laden bunch of garbage. They are reckless, but cowardly.

27. Going to the guests Bulgarians very accommodating and very hospitable. But there are also those who put up only a bottle of whiskey and saucers with nuts and chips. But it is even among Bulgarians is not considered decent. About this host will say that he is greedy and trying to save on everything. Is it proper to set the table with a 3-4 change of dishes, including sweet. It all depends on the degree of proximity dating and greed owners

28. Purchased cakes vary in appearance, but all the same taste. Probably because they all use one and the same brand of artificial cream for cooking. And the "hand-made" cookies - as well. The Russian "oatmeal" (which I hate) is 100 times better.

29. In all the small shops and supermarkets sell quite the same thing. That is, in the quarterly cafe and supermarket Bill sold the same types of cheese, sausage, bread, milk and myasnogoi t. N. With minor differences. Exceptions network is "Elemag" and national shopping: Arabic, Russian, Italian and so on.

30. Similarly, a department store clothing, shoes, souvenirs, where "popular" price. Everywhere the same. In the center of Sofia, very cool to fix it. There are also brand stores.

31. There does not know what the cheese. The best Feta or mascarpone. Any residual product called "Izvara". Boil after cheese whey. Rotter. Also, they do not know what real cream. Sour cream has only recently (5-6 years) have been producing in the relative range. Few people use in the home kitchen. Fresh milk in the supermarkets - that anything but milk. Especially with low-fat diet. Just a whitish liquid. The resorts are sold in large quantities, "Markelov." This powder products. Regular garbage for tourists. Do not pick up.

32. Milk production is focused on oil, cheese, cheese and Kissel mlyako. Fresh milk is not profitable. You can buy natural milk or cheese on special stock markets have aunts, grandmothers. With an unknown quality.

33. In the markets will not find anywhere else counters with own products (milk, cheese, smoked meat). It is prohibited by law. Allowed only vegetables and fruit. Is that in the province. But there is still need to get there and know the seller.

34. Grocery stores are open from 8:30 to 22:30. Manufactured from 9:30 to 18:30. Sunday manufactured goods are generally not working. There are non-stop.

35. Restaurants. The luxury and expensive restaurants with a cool interior, as a rule, disgusting food. Conversely, no quarterly or rustic eatery is very tasty.

36. At the heart of the capital has a so-called "sit down and buy one" (translation from Bulgarian). It is a shop with tobacco-related products alkogolnymii located in the ground floor. To pay and take the goods have to sit down. The window is at or slightly above the pavement. The seller has a cushion on which it is based, to stare at the street when there are no buyers. He himself is on a special stand to reach the window.

37. Taxi. All machines written tariff. Taxi "OK supertrans" normal. Even with ilizh airport / railway station, they must drop off you to your destination at the rate. And not with the wrap. Not to be confused with similar names, and pay attention to the fare.

38. "Every miracle in 3 days." Any innovation of national or smaller scale and hype about it lasts exactly 3 days. Then forget about it together and come back "to square one».

39. You can safely say that you forgot to do something, and you for it will be nothing. The main thing is to do with the hypocritical smile nevinnoyshirokoy full mug.

40. be late - the norm. No one is angry. Punctuality is rare.

41. It is also normal to come or call ahead of time master (auto repair, dressmaker, computer or e-mail service) and so innocently ask, ready? Like, I've been passing by and that's gone just like that, just in case. What if?

42. The main thing - your people. Feedback is important. Their desirable when applying for a job when choosing a doctor and everywhere. Through their "own" a lot of things you can do or straighten. Normally, when the same "his people" to pull peel 2-3 times higher than the "unknown". Difference is that the "unfamiliar" and can get nasty. And friends are very polite and courteous.

43. Normally, if your question is "how to get?" Or "where is?" You tell a lie or inaccurate. Deny or forehead say "I do not know" is not accepted. So check out the Old unfamiliar sources. And do not be offended if you cheated. Just did not want bidet categorical refusal.

44. In resort towns in the schools always 3 types of menus: for Bulgarians, for tourists and foreigners, well govoryaschihpo Bulgarian. Guess with 3 time graduation rates.

45. A bit of vocabulary:
My mother - in Bulgarian Mike.
Right - right.
Forest - Mountain.

The verb "Karam" - imeetmnozhestvo values: drive, to drive, live, learn, make, make, and so on. It depends on the situation.

The Bulgarian language is only 7 words Bulgarian and the rest brought.

The word "is / in" - universalnoe.Chto-prototype of "Ku" from Kindzadza. Using it instead of verbs or short sentences describing the situation (namereniechto-tosdelat or wish) as a whole. For example, hold in your hand empty glass and want to ask someone to pour you some water. Say: "Mauger there is?" Done. You understand and poured.

Matt looks like. Also sent to the Mother.

46. ​​In some areas, to drink wine, diluting it with lemonade. Lemonade - it is absolutely dry rubbish yellow color and flavor. Do not pick up.

47. The wine is good, if the bottle is above 7 leva.

48. There are many villages and towns where they live pomatsi. It crossed the Bulgarians to Islam. There are women dressed something like hijab white shawl with fringe concealing the hair and neck, and outerwear such as coats of light fabric: green, brown, maroon. Also, wear and trousers with a very low bunt. In these trousers can take up to 4 hmetrov tissue. It is desirable lurid colors.

49. Everywhere in honor folk music. No celebration without her. Neither young nor old.

50. On the "yes" and "no" nod to the contrary (well, this is all they know). For a brief gesture of denial: sharply, but not high hang tsoknut chin and tongue. The phrase "Yes, yes!" Is a firm "no" or "right now, took a run!».

51. All the news in the media is clearly regulated from above. Rare to find a sensation. All peace-loving. Scandals only "allowed". Because rare that you meet negative infu from Bulgaria.

52. In the days of socialism in schools was a real terror. The student had no right to be on the street without form and shaped beret (for girls only). And no later than 20:00 am. Teachers specially patrolled the streets in search of violators. And eslizasekut-tobeseda with their parents at home the same day and other "joy" at the school. And it is up to 1992

53. As a result, a small (compared to Russian) language level language and a lot of humor homonyms - is incomparable. Basically a play on words. It is impossible to translate. Not from Bulgarian into Russian or vice versa. I tried to translate ditties-blackie. Figvam!

54. If a neighbor in the block house loud music until 2-3 later in the morning, few troubled. Because the next time you will celebrate the fun and noisy, and you do not want to curl up at 22:30. Gesture for gesture.

55. About a grandmother. If you saw the lady Sophia very old age, well dressed, slowly shuffling about their business with naimodneyshey and expensive bag, this "ex-communist". So they called here. I do not know theirs party orientation, but it's the ladies (and gentlemen), received restitution to his property in the city center since 1997 and now they are very sickly does not live only on the rent from them.

56. There are other grandmothers. They dig a race with Roma in dumpsters. These are people who worked hard to honestly state all his life. And do not score or time to retire. Here in addition to the working time necessary to eschekakie-toochki earn a pension. Without them, they will not be released to a pension, and of payments will be significantly lower. These more. Standard pension barely covers the minimum standard of living without drugs.

57. All the working population donates up to 35-40% of salary to the pension fund and health care. The rest of 100% is paid by the employer. Where does the money - anybody and everybody knows. Renovation of old and construction of new buildings for the State. administration, cars, softuer and salaries to officials.

58. Despite the monthly payments on medicine (at least 16 lv. / M.), When viewed from a personal doctor or dentist you have to pay 1% of the minimum wage in the country. Now it is 2, 70 m. A dentist about all the services necessary to pay. Free or compensation from the fund a very small range of services, and they rarely enjoy. This deduction does not accumulate in your account. If you missed 3 months of payments on honey. insurance, it is canceled and you have no right to honey. assistance with compensation, all he is paid according to the price list, as long as no cover up a missed period. No matter what you're up to this, for example, 20 years regularly paid.

59. If you do not pay into the Pension Fund, then you charge a penny penalty for unpaid periods. They are very important.

60. If you figure the coast (such as a fee only), you and your employer is obliged to pay up to 150% of the agreed amount of taxes.

61. Bureaucracy, compared with the Russian, are almost absent.



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