Graduation and ball gowns from 1960 to the present day

Girls now and during the Soviet era to the prom like dress smartly, replicate models from magazines or movies. And not very successfully.


Especially now that catches the eyes-many graduates want to look "grown-up" such vamp, it copies the favorite model without taking into account their data.

Do not want to reproach girls, most do not have sufficient resources, and a princess (or queen) wants to look like!

Berezhany, Ukraina.2013

That copy of pop divas, and even those that are most "glamor».

But poorly copied model inept performance from cheap synthetics, but still with plenty of sequins and decor, more like a caricature originala- not the best way.

There are a lot of photos, almost all-not from Moscow and St. Petersburg, where people have more opportunities.

Impression on many dresses 2012-2013, by my-depressing.

Although there are very nice model, and the peculiarities of the girl. I put those and other photos interspersed.

The girls all along, why vyryazhatsya as a woman of 35, why sew extravagant dress with a neckline, sequins and bustle, if you can not wear it?

It looks pathetic and sorry for all, with few exceptions.

In the 60's we have a majority could not afford such dresses as abroad:

1960. America.


The dresses were quite modest, sewed them in such a way so that you can continue to wear.

Then special opportunities to buy a dress was not, many sewed themselves by mothers or in the studio, it was worth the cheap.




11 graduates of the class.

June 1965



I well remember my outlet dress- 1970: Japanese, guipure lace type, cut to the very minimum mini!

I also got a white and silver pantsuit, but in school, even vypusknoy- come it was impossible, but in a dress.

prom 1975

Issue 1975


2012 Russian

It has been almost 50 years, graduates rose 60-70 daughters and granddaughters, it appears that mothers and grandmothers happy to let their children something that had not received in his youth: crinolines, rhinestones, drapery.

Krasnoarmejsk 2012


Vladivostok and Primorye

Graduation in Tuva 2013


In magazines advertised translucent dresses, they are often to be found in the "stars" estrady- and here is the result:

graduate from Pavlograd became the most famous graduate of 2012.

received an offer from the Russian-Italian Agency «Soni de Russo» to become a model.

After that Nastya regained page VKontakte and now she has a huge army of friends and subscribers.

Anastasia that nazyvaetsya- "got under the hand" on the final last year met no less revealing outfits:

A graduate of the Rivne

This graduate in 2012 from Bulgaria:





Girls from all over the copy the same images.

graduate of Sinelnikovo.

Graduates of a school in Chernivtsi came the class receives a certificate in dresses, embroidered Ukrainian national patterns.

I really liked these girls.

Ukraine 2013



All wiped his nose last year's prom photo from Bulgaria, girl annealed so if want to outdo the carnival in Rio de Janeiro:


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