STSI cruel revenge Medvedev! (2 photos)

Last year, the Internet is actively discussed the brave action of the Sverdlovsk driver who drove around town in a car with the license plate "Medvedev 01" and the current transit numbers. Then the traffic cops demanded to remove the sign "Medvedev", but the driver refused to do so, locked in the car, sat there for a few hours, after which it was nevertheless taken to the police station. And there he was accused of failing to pay previously fined, in fact Medvedev (aka Cyril Formanchuk) had all the necessary receipts.
In fact, Cyril was for local cops a real headache. He always wrote all sorts of complaints (a total of 54 pieces), not only on the work of the inspectors. For example, he complained that the traffic cops once drove a motorcycle without a helmet, protested against the fact that the official car of traffic police chief of the Sverdlovsk Yuri Demin too toned glass (and, the latest complaint came to Moscow). Car after Medvedev rastonirovali action.

Often Formanchuk Kirill himself provoked the cops. For example, in his Land Rover (the thing with the sign Medvedev) was installed on the roof ... a refrigerator. Moreover, it was painted in the blue and from a distance looked like a beacon. Of course, constantly trying to make inspector Cyril remove this "decoration", but he refused to do it, because refrigerators on the roof to carry no one has forbidden.

But the whole game is over for traffic policemen Cyril Formanchuk pretty sad. We are not going to blame anyone, simply tell what they write many "Living magazines».

So here's the chronicle of events. October 1 this year, Mr. Formanchuk bought a new car and the next day he went to register at the local branch of the traffic police. However, the traffic police said that they could not put the car on the account, as Cyril have any problem with the military. And when the motorist came to the military, they said that any claims they have.

12 of Cyril Formanchuk newly arrived in the traffic police. But there he was approached by three men, they said that he is suspected of committing a crime, and again taken to the military enlistment office. What was going on in the recruiting office is unclear. Ostensibly, Cyril demanded that his conversation with the authorities took place with the camcorder. Medvedev at the camera immediately confiscated. He tried to record a conversation on a cell phone, which he had also confiscated. As a result of scuffle ensued, which resulted in the motorist was severely beaten and taken to the local police station. There he was charged with assault on several (!) Staff recruiting office.

Apparently, the police continued Cyril "educate" (who beat is not known - perhaps the police, but it can also inmates). The case ended with the fact that a person has a fit, then 13, was caused by a number of "first aid". She took the injured to hospital. According to the girl Cyril, his face badly disfigured, his front teeth knocked out, he occasionally loses consciousness. Moreover, his condition worsens. According to doctors, the patient has a brain contusion, hemorrhage, edema, and multiple soft tissue injuries and limb.


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