Penalties for violation of traffic rules will control the bailiffs

Federal Bailiff Service of Russia and the traffic police have agreed to provide bailiffs remote access to databases of traffic police. According to the press service of the FSSP, now negotiating the signing of an agreement on an exchange of information between territorial bodies FSSP of Russia and traffic police departments.

Now because of low organization of interaction of divisions Traffic Police, police department, police department on the subjects of the Russian Federation and structural subdivisions of territorial bodies FSSP significantly increase execution time delivered documents bailiffs, increases the load on the structural units of territorial bodies FSSP of Russia, and traffic police departments do not have information on the results of enforcement proceedings.

Analysis of the work of territorial bodies FSSP Russia to comply with the traffic police authorities shows that about 17% of the proceedings are brought against persons in time to pay the fine, that is unreasonable.

"The current administrative legislation a norm obliging the offender to submit to the authorities of traffic police document confirming payment of the administrative penalty, in connection with which there is a problem in the identification of persons who have paid administrative fines and, therefore, to provide for control over their payment", - explained in the FSSP this "error" in dealing with the traffic police.

Now, thanks to the interaction of services every police officer to gain remote access to the three sub-base traffic police. The first are the data on which vehicles are registered for the debtor. In the second - whether paid fined. The third sub-base contains information about what restrictions were imposed on the car. The bailiff has the right to impose on the debtor's arrest in the car as a security measure, or for further implementation to repay the debt.

In addition, police officers turned to the traffic police with a request to verify the information on the payment of the fine before send the FSSP regulations on administrative offenses.

Author: Xenia Kudashkin


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