A giant barbecue grill

As you know, all the power of Russian: Tula craftsmen flea shoe can and Ryazan - a locomotive for the grill to create. Train collected Steampunk, not only serves as an ornament of the yard, but also perfect for frying meat. Lokomotiv grill looks very nice: real fancy forged collected (as befits a work in the style of steampunk) from parts of old cars, motorcycles and trains.

It is installed in the house of one of the ordinary inhabitants of the village of Ryazan, because it is not easy to see. However, the creators made a few photos of their offspring to the Moscow exhibition, as this giant transport proved to be very problematic. In these pictures something we can admire the wonderful locomotive.

The locomotive is thoroughly planned one of the compartments used for cooking barbecue and can simultaneously accommodate up to 20 skewers with barbecue, the other is suitable for frying chicken and large pieces of meat, and the third can be used as an ordinary plate. It is noteworthy that some of the locomotive - "working", for example, a large bronze wheels.

Inside the locomotive is equipped with oven, lined with bricks. Masters recommend using birch or oak branches to make the meat extra flavor. Three tubes locomotive can use it as a smokehouse.


Source: nyka-huldra.livejournal.com


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