Why journalists smash cars.

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"The car is not mine - do not mind" - that such a principle shared by most Russian automotive journalists. Ministers regularly subjected to pen test models insane tests that defy common sense. The most innocuous - riding along the entire route to the highest possible speed on any, even the most horrible roads, where 50 km / h to drive life-threatening.

This behavior behind the wheel of the press and park the car, as a rule, is a journalist with impunity, because the cars are insured, and if I have a case of non-insurance revision can always negotiate with the manufacturer. Work on testing models often turns into a game - playing with the consequences. There are a recent example.


Company UAZ-Sollers drove a group of journalists in the Samara region to test drive cars UAZ Patriot. The purpose of the tour was to show that the car appeared modern interior: a completely redesigned front panel, which is now in line with European requirements for safety, new steering wheel, air conditioning, door trim and seats.


But what is interesting is the interior, when in front, on the beach, there is a big mototramplin sand. "Let's will jump!" - Offers a colleague. Quickly I convinced him this inappropriate action, and move on to the Photo Points. Unfortunately, it did not all ...
On the way back we meet fellow stragglers, swirling around with cameras, "Patriots." Suddenly I pay attention that one of the cars is not the front room. Navozhu sharpness - "front" in Oise broken. All clear - jumped.

First, journalists hanging around this springboard and did test shots with a small separation of the front wheels from the sand.


Apparently this was not enough, and took good acceleration, at a speed of about 60 km / h UAZ Patriot, knocking apart a heap of sand, soared high above the beach. After the air a few unforgettable moments, great car masse stuck in the ground front bumper.



















The last pictures show how the seat belt saves the pilot from hitting his head on the steering wheel. While on the other hand, would make a good test of the new steering tube, which, according to representatives of UAZ, has become safer. Oh, and also lucky that the driver's airbag will put in 2 years, or a test driver would get a knockout blow in the face.

Looking at photos of the effects of the jump, surprised - caused the car damage is not so great: a slightly bent hood (exactly in the place where it should bend) slightly damaged the front bumper and bonnet deformed bracket. Later techniques have confirmed that no other losses incurred SUV. And if the car was not the frame, and with a monocoque body and "pillows"? By cancellation? And our wounded "Patriot" leave any 2 day test drive as if nothing had happened.


Interesting press tour was the reserved places of the Samara region - its journalists will be remembered not only for the stunning autumn landscape and the conquest of the road, but also on a flying "patriots." Yes, some condemn such fun, but see what shots to get! Maybe sacrifices are not in vain?





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