In one fell swoop - seven pobivahom!

The owner of the private car dealership in a small Belgian town was quite surprised when the morning came to work for him, and I saw this picture.
Not far from his pitches with cars for sale, to build a new gas station Texaco ...
5 photos via autozoo

In the early morning workers installed a massive fuel tank, but for some unknown reason, the crane could not stand such a weight and fell with his load to the parking lot car dealership.
At that moment, the parking lot was an exclusive Jaguar XKR-S Coupe, which was released in 2008 in a limited edition only 200 cars, and elegant coupe BMW 630i. What's sad is that Jaguar has been charged already sold to a new owner, who paid him 194,000 dollars and waiting for paperwork to their luxury cars.
As you can see from the photos, the consequences of the fall of the 60-ton underground fuel tank in just a moment turned out for these sports cars fatal. Unfortunately, due to a serious deformation of the body, these two cars were found to be subject to recovery. Unhappy dealership owner has already filed a lawsuit against the builder, which caused him considerable financial loss due to the non-trivial safety when working with heavy loads.






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