Arrived white happiness

Today, the door to the office, located in the basement of an apartment house, slammed the cat. Usually these animals easily survive even falling from a great height, but today was not her day. When we found her she sat drooping, huddled in a corner. Immediately rushed into the eyes of a broken front paw, she literally dangling chin was broken, wool stained with blood.
It was decided to take him to the veterinarku across town for the right people in the next not. Parallel raskleyali ads on the house to find the owners.
The way the cat closed her eyes and did not move nearly panting.
At the vet. clinic sat 1, 5 hours, the queue we refused to accept, probably other animals were too hot.
The doctor examined, did X-rays and said that the broken radius, will live. With heart felt lighter. Here and call home.

As it turned out the cat lived on the seventh floor, and loved to jump from the window onto the balcony and back, but as I wrote, it's not the day.

The hosts gave, a box of chocolates have earned, all thanks, do not pass by the needy!

Photo to the clinic did not, somehow it was not up to it. Here she was cheered by painkillers and look much better.

Are taking home



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