White Sun: History

Year: 1969

Country: USSR

Director: Vladimir Motyl

Genre: action, drama, romance, comedy, adventure, military

Viewers: 34.5 million

"The White Sun of the Desert" - Soviet film director Vladimir Motyl, telling about the adventures of a Red Army soldier Sukhov fleeing bloodthirsty bandit Abdullah his harem.


In the second half of the 1960s in the wake of the popularity of films about "Elusive Avengers" Soviet leadership turned to the cinematic genre Eastern. Since 1966 in the Soviet cinema system started working ETC (Experimental Creative Film Studio). It was a commercial enterprise with a broad freedom of action for recruitment and selection of creative material and could not coordinate with the State Film Committee of the USSR. In 1967, the leadership of the ETC invited to work on the script of the new adventure film Andrei Mikhalkov Konchalovsky and Friedrich Gorenstein. The original version of the script with the working title "Basmachi" did not accept the leadership of the studio.


However, to remove the painting in this genre studio executives still wanted, and scriptwriter Valentin Yezhov (author of "Ballad of a Soldier") was assigned for six weeks to create a scenario of domestic westerns.

The scene of the Yezhov chose the Central Asian desert. Since he himself is in the desert I have never been, so a co-author took his friend by the Higher scenario courses Rustam Ibrahimbayov as a "connoisseur of the East».

"Concealing the fact that never in my life been in Central Asia and in the revolutionary events did not take part - recalled Ibrahimbeyov - I promised ... to share their experiences eastern ...».

Gathering material for the script, Yezhov met with veterans of the Civil War, which in 1920 fought with the robber bands in Central Asia. One of them remembered how basmachi to escape from the rising of Red detachments, were thrown into the desert their harems. In the end the narrator added that these women in purdah brought a lot of trouble in the desert. So there is a new script with the working title "Desert».


In January 1968, we began sample actors. On the role of Fyodor Sukhov tried several actors. In the final two were: Anatoly Kuznetsov and George Yumatov, which was approved for the role. However, just before the shooting Yumatov and fought for a while out of action. Vladimir Motyl again wrote to Kuznetsov, whose candidacy initially rejected on the samples. The actor was not busy, and agreed to take part in the shooting.


Long could not find a performer for the role of the customs officer Vereshchagin Pavel, leisurely and thorough, knows the value of life and death. Motyl problem shared with the director Gennady shelves, which immediately showed him one of the actor Paul Luspekaeva samples. The sample was brilliant.

Before the "White Sun of the Desert" Luspekaev as the actor was not well known, he always remained true to the theater. But in 1967, the actor underwent surgery to amputation of both feet, and on his return to the theater is not out of the question.

Motyl Poloka assured that soon will be in the form of Luspekaev, then added, "Think of the scene in the water. He swims like a fish. And go to him. Admire his torso. Scars on his shoulder, the arm - it's a biography! »

Motyl offered Luspekaeva shot on crutches and even wanted to change the script accordingly. Paul Luspekaev dismissed all of these options and set a condition that will be removed without a stunt, and the director agreed.


Vladimir Motyl been thinking who to invite to the role of Catherine Matveyevna. In the hallway, "Lenfilm", he accidentally met Galina ray television journalist from the editorial board of the Central TV film programs. In Leningrad, her crew made another film on the history of cinema. The director immediately knew that she should play Katherine Matveevna. Galina Łučaj agreed to play the role of Russian beauties after much persuasion.


Many of those invited to the shooting were non-actors. Only three "wives" Abdullah of nine were actresses. Since after the shooting key scenes of the girls had to urgently return to work in the missing episodes "wives" had to duplicate the soldiers. Local women refused to participate in the shooting, and "wives" were selected from across the Union.

Filming at the production facilities of the studio "Lenfilm" began July 24, 1968. The first footage of the scene of the film - the dream Sukhov, where he forges a hammer and then drink tea with his wife and the rest of the harem, filmed on location near the village of Mistolovo near Luga.

In August Motyl continued shooting in Dagestan, where on the Caspian Sea, a few kilometers from the town of Kaspiysk were built scenery - a few dummy houses, house Vereshchagin, garden with vineyard, oil tanks. By the banks of the old boat was fitted Makhachkala service port "Derbent", renamed on the filming of "Tver».


November 11th, 1968 hudsovet Experimental studio material shown have looked the film "White Sun of the Desert". The impression of the audience was mixed. Head of the main board of the scenario "Mosfilm" Marianne Katchalov most angered the scene where the wife of Abdullah selected from the tank. Sukhov expects to see on their faces the joy of salvation, but they run past him, falling on his knees and weep over the dead husband - tearing hair, wail, as it should be on the Eastern tradition. The finale had to change.


In addition to death and Petrukha Vereshchagin, the material has been the scene of madness Nastasia, wife Vereshchagin. From this scene in the movie was only a small piece. Socrates fight Vereshchagin on the barge and the two "sex scenes" with Katerina Matveevna, passing with battened down the skirt over the creek, and the wives of Abdullah, who stripped during his imprisonment in the tank.

Studio executives tried to even change Motyl Vladimir Basov. After the failure of Basov and all decided to wash all the footage. It was only at the final meeting at the State Committee for Cinematography, held in the spring of 1969, deputy chairman of Baskakov ruled: "The production will have to complete. And the picture Motyl leave ».

It is thanks to Vladimir Basov appeared replica Sukhov "East - a delicate matter." "East requires a completely different approach, they have there a different way of thinking, Muslims. There should be a subtle approach, "- he admonished Motyl before the expedition.


In May 1969, the crew actively engaged in site selection for a new location filming the final picture, and is no longer in Dagestan, and Central Asia. We stopped at Turkmenistan, to near the town of Bairam-Ali. The Karakum dropped so much rain that disappeared under the sands of tall grasses. Motyl with his assistants on the helicopter flew over hundreds of kilometers, but has not found the desired nature. He came to the aid of the army: the soldiers of the local military district in a matter of weeks weeded out dozens of square kilometers of the desert. As a result of such a long pause in the group lost actress playing Gyulchataj. Circus Tatyana Denisova, who performed this role in a circus received his own room and refused to shoot. On the role of the approved 17-year-old student at the Vaganova School Tatiana Fedotova.

As a result, the second film of the expedition crew has changed a lot, and he actually had another ending. Filming was completed in September 1969.

September 18, 1969 the film personally watched general director of "Mosfilm" Vladimir Surin, and was unhappy with the show. In his submission the act of acceptance of the paintings in the State Film Committee did not sign.

The fate of the painting decided fortune. One autumn day in 1969 the head of the Communist Party Leonid Brezhnev decided to look at his dacha some sort of new domestic film. And the duty of the filmohranilischu at your own risk sent to it, "White Sun of the Desert". Brezhnev liked the picture.


In March 1970 in Moscow premiere of "White Sun of the Desert". Fyodor Sukhov and his associates have found a truly legendary reputation. Individual images, phrases from the picture immediately went to the people: "For power offensively," "Customs gives" good "," East - a delicate matter "and others.

View "White Sun of the Desert" has become an integral part of the preparation of the Soviet and then Russian cosmonauts. The cassette with the film is even on board the International Space Station.

According to a survey, the centennial of Russian cinema, the film "White Sun of the Desert" has been selected for the campaign "The last session of the Millennium." This session took place on 31 December 1999 at the Moscow Cinema Center "House Khanzhonkov".


Some quotes:

"Dzhavdet - mine ... to meet - do not touch it ... & quot;

"And I tell you, razlyubeznaya Katerina Matvevna us that you told me, as if pure swan, like sailing yourself where you want, or in the case of some, even hard to say ... Just breath in my squeezes joy, as if from a cannon who focus sadanul ».

"I stay away, but if in the afternoon I will not, will return to pay for the hospitality».

"Dead, certainly calmer, but it was too boring».

- Abdullah! You affectionate wife! I have them well!

- I give them to you! When I set fire to the oil, you will be fine, very good!

& quot; One wife - love, one - sews clothes, one - the food cooks, one - to feed the children, and all alone? & Quot;

- Petro!

- I do not drink n ...

- Correctly! I too now it drink up and throw ... Drink!

"My father, before his death said:" Abdullah, I have lived the life of a poor man and I wish you God sent an expensive gown and a beautiful harness for a horse. " I waited a long time, and then God said, "Sit down and take a horse himself, what you want, if you're brave and strong» »

& quot; Dzhavdet - coward, Abdullah - a warrior. They do not like each other & quot;

.- Said, how are you up here?

- Shoot ...

"Once you put me the eggs! I can not stand it every day, damn, there. If only got bread ... »

"I write to you return, Katerina razlyubeznaya Matveevna as stood out free time. And I raznezhilsya the hot sun, though our cat Vaska on the bench. We were sitting on the sand beside Now the blue sea, about anything do not experience anxiety. The sun here is, as much in the eyes of the white ... »

"Down with prejudices! The woman - she, too, man! »






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