Not all cops - goats!

The case of a simple provincial cop who went to the police, because he had no other choice and work.

Here he goes again and patrols in hot weather, talking with a partner and then vaguely heard someone shouting
... He came closer to the truth and little boys wave their hands call for help. The police came running, looked and realized that the boys drowned in a pond, well, what would you do? Yes! Right rushed to save ... and naturally they fled to save one quick pull, but the second ... the second is under water and drowned ... somewhere at the bottom of ...
But a few minutes later he pulled him out ... but he was not breathing ... and the police have a massage, plus all the water out of his airway released
As a result, 10-year-old boy alive 27,742,552

... well, well, almost =)

But the whole point is that the cops-goats and all that, there are not all these, there is a very good and understand the cops, just you will always come across those that are all completely indifferent ... = (But there are also those who help =) So that is not so bad in our country =) There is still hope!




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