Computer interface to the cinema

Over the years, computer systems in the films reflect the views and stereotypes about the design of the future, often ahead of the appearance prototypes of similar devices.
Movies-30 and more years ago today, it is difficult to take seriously, because Most systems of the future look at the best way ("Alien", 1979) /

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You can understand how the computers of the future imagined 40 years ago, a lot of lights, buttons, and no hint of a touch-control. A few shots from the same film:


Another film in 1979 - «Star Trek: The Motion Picture» (first feature) reflects the same presentation:

"Doctor Who" 1984:

Something similar was in Stanley Kubrick film "2001: A Space Odyssey" 1968-bulb buttons:

The computer industry grew rapidly, and soon in the movie interface appears, which you can watch without tears today. For example touch interface in the film «Star Trek: The Next Generation», 1987:

The next stage of the interfaces in the movie came with the appearance of the film "Minority Report" with Tom Cruise in 2002. The protagonist with special gloves easy to manage with the 3D-interface:

The game controller Kinect for Xbox 360 was first introduced in 2009.

In modern films, we see a large number of variations on the theme of the future of interfaces, but the majority is reduced to a large 3D- or touch devices, the spectacular blue-green patterns and text on a black background, and the characteristic clicking ("chik-chik" or "ISPs"). Examples of the film "Prometheus" 2012:


Of course, anyone who is not too far from the design, notice that even in the most high-budget blockbuster creators are paying too little attention to the development of interfaces and especially the plausibility of the data on computer screens and other devices. But it should be noted that, as in all works of art in the genre of science fiction (especially books), authors often in movies ahead of the progress, predicting the emergence of new technologies.




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