The English language is very complicated ...

Such is the confusion occurred with the Prime Minister of Japan.
Then look at the translation.

The English language is very complicated ... for some!
This is a true story from the Japanese Embassy in the United States.
Some time ago, the Prime Minister of Japan, Mori was a simple conversational English courses in anticipation of his visit to Washington and meeting with President Barack Obama. The instructor told Mori that he had during the handshake with Obama have to say «How are you?» (Do you?), To which Obama responded «I'm fine, and you?» (I'm good, how about you?), After Mori says that «Me too» (I do). After that interpreters do the rest for him. It looks very simple, but ...
When Mori met Obama, he made a mistake and instead of «How are you?» (Is it?) Asked, «Who are you?» (Who are you?), Obama was surprised, but he was able to get out of the situation with humor: «Well, I ' m Michelle's husband, ha-ha »(« Well, I'm Michelle's husband, ha ha »)
What Mori replied «Me too, ha-ha» (I, too, haha)
In peregovorochnoy hung a long pause ...


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