Obama became the object of criticism in the UN General Assembly

Barack Obama has become the target of attacks in the first day of political debate in the UN General Assembly. First the US government has publicly chastised Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, accusing them of violating the principles of democracy. But after the speech of Obama criticized him hit not only opponents but allies.


US leader Barack Obama has become the target of attacks by the leaders of a number of states on the first day of political debate in the UN General Assembly.
With harsh criticism of the United States, in particular, acted as Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, has publicly accused Washington of violating the principles of democracy.
The reason for the angry voice of the Brazilian leader was a recent scandal over the global surveillance by US intelligence, provoked by the publication of submissions from ex-CIA officer Edward Snowden.

Commenting on this story, Rousseff at the UN has accused the US of violating national sovereignty, human rights and trampling on democratic freedoms. "The sovereignty of any country can not be based on actions that violate the sovereignty of another state, and can not provide security, violating the rights of foreign citizens and states", - she said.

The Brazilian leader recalled that in the absence of the right to privacy can not be true freedom of expression and opinion, and real democracy, writes The Guardian.
It also called on the UN to develop a new international mechanism that will guarantee the security of data transmitted over the Internet.

After subsequent appearances of Obama reiterated the US exceptionalism, and has given to understand that Washington is prepared to military means to defend their interests, including the stability of energy supplies in the Middle East region, criticism of him only grew.

"For more than half an hour listening to the international police report Nobel laureate peace, justifying military intervention. President Obama claims that the Syrian government used chemical weapons, despite the fact that it does not say in the report of the UN commission. Obama argues that a few years ago 180,000 North American soldiers at risk in Iraq. Now there is no risk, now used drones! "- Wrote in his Twitter Foreign Minister of Ecuador, Ricardo Patiño, RIA" Novosti ».
"He is very cynical when he talks about freedom, justice, peace. He acted as if a host of the world. There's no masters of the world, every country is sovereign and has its own dignity, "- in turn, responded to the speech the leader of Bolivia, Evo Morales.
According to him, the leader of the United States has no right to talk about peace and justice, as his administration is "a government of injustice" and interfere in the affairs of other countries.

In addition, Morales said the United States, talking about the fight against terrorism, pursuing their own interests. "The US government has various means of oppression, persecution and espionage. The fight against terrorism - is a pretext that the United States is used to control the oil and (prosecution) of its geopolitical interests. Who is funding the rebels in our countries? Who is funding the opposition in our countries? It is the US government, "- he stressed.

Responded to correspondence discussion of Obama and President Vladimir Putin about the "US exceptionalism" in Russia.
"Obama should not have to talk about American exceptionalism at the UN. He brought their dispute with Putin the international jury - and this is a mistake, "- wrote on Twitter the head of the Duma Committee for International Affairs Alexei Pushkov.

At the same time Obama's speech angered even his ally - Israel. As wrote the head of the country's Ministry of Transport Yisrael Katz on his page on Facebook, we are the American leader was one of the most difficult and unpleasant speeches ever pronounced the American president.
In particular, referring to the topic of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the US president said that in Israel there is a consensus on the subject of the occupation of Palestinian territories harm the interests of the state.
This remark was immediately criticized by the Israeli media. "The president should be well aware that the majority of Israel does not consider Judea, Samaria and the Golan, and especially East Jerusalem as" occupied territories. " But if so, where did the passage "there is a consensus that the occupation of harm"? In other words, the US leader once again shamelessly lied about Israel from the highest bleachers - probably in their own political interests. Nothing else to explain it is impossible, "- said in this regard, the portal ISRAland.



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