The girl died in the nut-Zuevskaya forest three years ago.

This beautiful girl who looks to photograph large luminous eyes - Lisa. She is five years old. She died in the walnut-wood Zuyevsky three years ago.

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A source. Text: Irina Vorobiev

She was found this morning. They found the volunteers who came to the forest at the call of other such volunteers. Then, after the death of Lisa, these same volunteers decide for themselves that the children should not die in the forest. You do not have to die an agonizing death, without waiting for any help. And create a voluntary search party. The detachment in honor of the dead girl. Girls who do not have time to save. "Liza Alert". But all this will happen. September 23, 2010, they will find the dead and Lisa realize that the miracle did not happen.

Lisa Fomkina lived with her parents somewhere on the outskirts of Moscow, the city Orekhovo-. She loved his toys, loved playing by the fountain and walk with her aunt Masha. September 13, 2010, they went together for a walk in the woods and get lost in it, lost in the ashes of the fallen asleep forest fire lanes, in windbreaks, not very far away from populated areas. Parents Lisa ran to the police. The child began to look, but did this sluggishly, suspecting the parents around, seeing in this emergency. A few days later he intervened in the case of lysine colleague of the pope. She placed an ad on the Internet to call for help and start putting up orientation. In Orekhovo-began arriving volunteers to help in the search for a missing child. At that time no one really knew what to do, but it was clear that we should do anything. As time went on, there was almost no evidence. They began to question literally everyone and everywhere. And in the village 15 km from Orekhovo-just three certificates. Did you see Lisa with an aunt and two dogs as they went into the forest. All this time, volunteers beat all the bells, asked the media to help tell you to shout. But the answer was silence. Only a few responded and gave information about the missing child. Three years ago, it was not news. Three years ago, missing the forest girl Lisa was not interested in anyone.

The third weekend of September - a feast day of the city Orekhovo-. On this occasion, a search of the child withdrew all police. Volunteers, who at that time did not know how to comb the forest, guided only by the desire to seek and to save, and went looking for. I have another friend called friends for help. They found traces in the forest, like the traces of the missing. We have to come to the aid of dog handlers and reinforced police.

Body Masha Lisa's aunt found in windbreaks, she was almost naked. Only then it turns out that she gave her baby to somehow warm. The police immediately drove all the volunteers from the forest to the whole day: the work of dog handlers people just interfere. At this time, dozens of volunteers called all my friends, imploring help, everyone knew that the child's last chance. Dog handlers in the woods did not find anything. On the night of September 23, 2010, buying up lights in the neighborhood, a huge chain of people again went to the same forest and again began to look for Lisa. And in the morning we found her. Victims. And lying beside the dog, which warmed and tried to save the girl until the last minute of her life.

And then finally exploded in the information space, and everyone started to write about the tragic incident, which happened in the woods outside Moscow. Officials important bit frightened parents talked about wine. The deputies made another statement, then someone else, then collected a couple of meetings and round tables.

We in Russia are not accepted to resign after such stories. But I want you all now become even uncomfortable in your seats. I want everyone who reads this, understand that we are all to blame for the death of Lisa. And I'm as guilty as you. After all, I, too, sat in a chair in the version being in the news illusions, trusting tapes agencies. "At the site employed 300 people (!!!) of the Ministry of Emergencies, involved ..." - and then on the deceitful pattern. And I, too, could raise the fifth point or even just open your eyes and see, wake up. I still feel ashamed to tears.

Now, three years later, there is a large group of "Liza Alert". There are techniques, people, equipment, hour hotline. Now the missing child in the forest - it's news. Now everything is different. But every time when I am asked what motivates us, that makes no sleep for days, to disappear in the woods, beating his head on the doors of the officials, my back goes cold current. Because I will always remember how to die five-year Lisa Fomkina.














Last. Well done guys, a good thing busy. Thank you!
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