Why does not like Russian abroad ...

On the forum: Half an hour ago I have come to our shop on the corner to buy some milk, so as not to undermine the morning. Behind the counter soulful Indian guy like Apu from "The Simpsons", sadly listens to a dialogue between two drunk hot to snipe Poles. "Pshe-pshe-pshe - Bitch! -pshe-pshe-pshe - ebaka! -pshe-pshe-pshe - govnyara! ". In general, for the Russian ear is quite recognizable. For Indian unlikely. Then they start arguing and swearing more diligently - "pshe" virtually disappear. With difficulty paying for a bottle of some more liquor, artists rake from cash and bring down the path of a box with chips.

Apu runs out and starts to collect everything and asks "Do you come from?».
Now attention - Poles happily gogochut and yelling:

I stand with a plastic canister of milk in one hand and a bag in the other. Then an Indian look in the eye and tell him - "They are not Russian. It Poles. & Quot; One of those freaks extends from the door and shouts - "Who are you ?!" - "I'm Russian!" - "Bitch!" And somehow escapes from the store. We stand in full Indian awesome.

Interesting comments too - - This is an ancient trend - I, when the police served as a translator, you see these: vorё and Gopnik inspector questioned, they say Russian. Come in for questioning on call - it turns out that this young citizens of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Zapadenets one too was, but he would at least understand. And they all either ear or snout. They thought that somewhere in the ledger will record that this Russian muzzle someone stuffed or 15 bras from the store claimed. With the protection of shopping malls and bouncers from taverns it sometimes works.

 - Poles apparently often abroad are doing.
There was a similar case at me.
Oh what a sore subject! Familiar :(

 - I once observed how disgusting behave Kartavykh presented to Chinese Russian. Also came up and said very clearly that these louts: Russian Jews and have nothing to do.
I was very disgusted that they like so vilify my nation. I never called them, on the contrary take a back seat when they realized that in the hall there is a real Russian, and even more when I clarified to the Chinese that their country - Israel, they all faded from the battlefield.
The Chinese made an indescribable expression. :)

 - Census. Sketch direct cinematic
infuriates me terribly when screwy Anglic when he heard Russian speech, saying "Yak above IAW».

 - Typical.
Itself always abroad say Frome Rush. (voice from Odessa)

Comment do not want to, everything is clear.
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