A few interesting facts about Russian

Russian names have no milk, and the name given at birth, preserved in their entire life. Russian women marrying, renamed in her husband's name. At the same surname and father are sons and daughters.
Russian names are rich and varied. Often they reflect the personal qualities of the person, and many of them can determine who were the ancestors of the Russian.
The greatest Russian writer is a person by the name of Leo Tolstoy.
The greatest Russian poet, whose name in Chinese sounds like Poo-Chi Kin (普希金) - Universal Hope for Gold, translated from Russian as Da Pao - a big gun. It is noteworthy that killed Pu Chi Kin was just a pistol.
Russian people are not accustomed to trust everything cheap. All cheap they believe the Chinese, and all Chinese - poor quality. Russian, consider themselves cultured, do not walk around the city in tracksuits. According to them, so dress up only street robbers.

His Russian people spend a vacation in a country house, whose name in Chinese sounds like 大 叉 [Dà chā] - tremendous fork. What is interesting, in this house, surrounded by a garden or vegetable garden, there really is a fork, which collect fallen leaves in autumn, impaling them on the teeth - this device allows Russian to do it without bending down.
Russian believe that talking about food and digestion in society indecent, and greet each other, they do not ask about how well he ate today, and the state of his affairs, even if the acclaimed Russian and has his own business. Only if a person makes unreasonable demands, he is asked if he has not eaten for breakfast grass angels.

In Russian nationality has its own language, and even writing. Russian language does not have any rules, so it can be easily explored. Every syllable in it can be put under stress, and the subject and predicate can be put on any place in the sentence, and still everything will be clear. However, at the Russian language has a feature - the words they add a special style, by which it can be determined that it is a woman, not a man. In addition, they give things masculine and feminine qualities. Thus, the knife from Russian - a man, a male - female. Therefore, they hold the knife in his right hand, which translates to the right and the plug - to the left.

About 63% of Russian claim that they are Orthodox. However, they go to church, only 7% of the population and of their priests speak Russian mission. Especially they do not like the chief priest named Patriarch.
And another Russian think Butt (屁股 - [Pigou]) in Chinese sounds like "cho» (串 - line).




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