Guess what kind of business? (5 photos)

Cognitive post) is possible for someone to be an idea for a business project.

In the picture devouring (25,000 teeth in each, all in the language) dessert after lunch on cochlear farm.

Snails graze on a farm in three giant Valliere 400 square meters (7140 square football field square meters). Breed twice a year, laying 50-60 eggs. Live 9 years. Winter tolerate normal, buried in the ground and can carry thirty-degree frost. Other nuances of the business, such as: annual increase in live weight if they need a vet and medicine, what to do with the shells, what to talk to the tax and the most important question, how not to die of laughter, leading the business, it was not possible to dig out. < br />
First ate snails, and now eat them.


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